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Complete a Battleplex challenge Bronze
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Complete a gold Battleplex challenge Silver
Hey Lombax DJ
Play three songs on Zurkie's Jukebox Bronze

Zurkie's Gastropub and Battleplex, known on the map simply as Zurkie's, is a location in Rift Apart. Situated in the Scarstu Debris Field, the remains of the destroyed planet Scarstu. It is a family business run by Zurkie, the pacifist non-violent dimensional counterpart of Mr. Zurkon. The site is also a hideout for the Resistance, as well as a spot where several space pirates and Goons-4-Less do battle in Zurkon Jr.'s Battleplex.

Rivet visited Zurkie's in search of a part to repair Clank. On arrival, she met Pierre Le Fer, who had the part but was unwilling to give it (while flirting with her at the same time), until she battled and defeated him.

Three trophies are available at Zurkie's: Victory!, Can't Stop Me, and Hey Lombax DJ. The first two are related to complete battleplex challenges (a normal challenge and a gold cup challenge respectively), while the third is obtained for playing any song on the jukebox in the gastropub.


The planet of Scarstu, once stood in this location until it was for unknown reasons destroyed by Emperor Nefarious. Zurkie was once the same as his dimensional counterpart Mr. Zurkon, taking joy in crushing his enemies. Presumably he once worked for the Emperor and brought mass extinction upon the people of Scarstu under his orders, before the planet was finally destroyed. It was after this event that Zurkie had an epiphany and reached the limit to what he believed he could accomplish by killing, feeling that he could kill anything except hunger and thirst. After this he gave up his violent ways and built a place he believed he could slay these feelings on a daily basis.

Zurkie and Ms. Zurkon's marital status is ambiguous unlike their counterparts Mr. Zurkon and Mrs. Zurkon but are still very much in a loving relationship together with Ms. Zurkon finding his new-found outlook on life inspiring, they also have a son like their counterparts do, Zurkon Jr. Despite Zurkie turning over a new leaf and becoming non violent unlike his partner and son, the establishment is a close-knit family business with the three. Zurkie runs the violence free Gastropub, while Ms. Zurkon sells weapons to those "still hungry for violence" and sponsors the Battleplex. Their son Zurkon Jr. is the arenas announcer and also works taking patron's food and drink orders. Despite their loving family business together, Zurkon Jr. holds some degree of resentment towards his father for giving up violence, mocking his new ideals of pacifism while taking patron's orders and exclaiming that he wishes his mother ran the Gastropub instead.

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In the Bronze Cup, after obtaining the prize for completing a challenge once, subsequent rewards on normal challenges are 500 bolts, while the final challenge's subsequent rewards are 2 raritanium. This increases to 1,000 bolts and 4 raritanium in the Silver Cup, and 1,500 bolts and 6 raritanium in the Gold Cup.

Cup Challenge Description Reward
Bronze Welcoming Committee Battle Pierre's Crew Robot pirate boots
Monsieur François Defeat François Part for Clank
Boomstick Blast Defeat 25 Goons Using Only the Enforcer 5,000 bolts
Awesome Bugtrax Done Quick Time Trial: Finish the Speetle Course! Quickly! 1 gold bolt
A Grunthor Named Sue Defeat the Undead Grunthor Carbonox Advanced boots
Sliver The Mangling Survive Five Waves Against the Mangler 4,000 bolts
Ka-Boomstick Blast Defeat Four Waves of Enemies Using the Warmonger 5,000 bolts
Pest Control Defeat 50 Pests Before the Poison Gas Kills You 1 Gold Bolt
Freeze Pop Defeat 25 Frozen Amoeboids 1 Box Breaker
Revenge of the Seekerpede Defeat Scolo the Seekerpede Carbonox Advanced chest
Gold Manglers Are Forever Survive the Resurrected Mangler 10,000 bolts
LOL, That's Random Fight With Randomized Weapons 15,000 bolts
A Good Time to Zoom Defeat Three Waves Using the Headhunter 20,000 bolts
Vroom Around Defeat Vroom Goons in Low Gravity 1 Spybot
Twice as Nice Defeat the Returning Foes Carbonox Advanced helmet


Welcoming Committee

Monsieur François

Boomstick Blast

This challenge is limited to the Enforcer, though there are no ammo limits. 25 Goons-4-Less must be defeated to win. Most use lasers, while some use lasers and grenade launchers. The arena is spread over four disparate platforms on each corner and one in the center, with Rift Tethers, wall runs, and springs used to traverse between them. Though the platforms also have cover, it will be destroyed quickly by the Goons. Before attempting this, it is best to upgrade the Enforcer with raritanium as much as possible, especially with regards to its max range.

Because of the Enforcer's relatively short range, the main difficulty in the challenge is in avoiding fire when hopping between the platforms to engage the Goons. When traversing between them, using Rift Tethers where possible is best, and Phantom Dashes can help avoid fire. Beyond this, it is best to try to shoot the Goons off the platforms onto the edge, where they will be defeated instantly. Hitting multiple Goons in a single blast is also an efficient way of dealing with them. For the flying Goons, use the spring for jumps to avoid many of their attacks while firing at them from the air. Because the jetpack Goons are more dangerous, they should be prioritized.

Awesome Bugtrax Done Quick

This challenge involves the use of a speetle, in a race track that must be completed before the time runs out. The track passes through several rifts that goes through several planets, including Corson V, Sargasso, and others. Many explosive crates appear along the track, which must be avoided, and a speed boost is needed at all times for speed and to jump over the ramps. Each rift adds extra seconds to the timer. The track is relatively straight forward, though it is important to avoid the explosives at all times.

A Grunthor Named Sue

This challenge is a boss battle against Sue, an undead grunthor, on an arena that mostly simulates Sargasso with a pit in the middle. Much like typical grunthors on Sargasso, Sue can throw rocks and charge with deadly attacks. Phantom Dash must be well-timed to evade both. A variety of weapons will be needed, though the Topiary Sprinkler is very helpful at slowing Sue down before charging. Undead sandsharks also appear later in the battle, and must be dispatched to focus on Sue.


The Mangling

This challenge involves five waves where a machine called the Mangler presents hazards throughout. The first two waves: first two are against space pirates that use swords, third against bladeballs, and fourth and fifth against more heavily armored pirates. The Mangler is a hovering robot using buzzsaws, that will follow Rivet throughout the battle by sweeping forward with blades. It telegraphs its movements with a red laser, meaning it can be avoided before it attacks.

Though the Mangler is dangerous, it can also be used to the player's advantage. One tactic is using the Cold Snap or Topiary Sprinkler to freeze enemies in place and luring the Mangler to them. Other than this, simply avoid the Mangler with the Phantom Dash while keeping a distance from the enemies and attacking them at range will best them.

Ka-boomstick Blast

This challenge involves four waves using only the Warmonger: if it is not yet purchased, it will be given to Rivet for the duration of the challenge. Nefarious Troopers are fought, coming in all variants, and in the final wave, a Nefarious Juggernaut is fought. The arena is set up with platforms surrounding a pit in the middle, with a Rift Tether towards it and a spring below; staying near the spring generally leaves Rivet vulnerable, meaning it is better to move around the outside.

The Warmonger is most effective at hitting enemies when they are clustered together. The main threat here are the ranged enemies with lasers and Gatling guns. Therefore, move constantly around the battlefield and prioritize these enemies first (especially when the Juggernaut appears, as they arrive once it reaches 50% health). By staying in constant motion and taking out the ranged enemies, it will be more difficult for the enemies to hit Rivet, and easier to pick up nanotech and ammo to refresh in between their attacks. To conserve ammo, the small troopers can simply be hit with the hammer.

Pest Control

This challenge involves a battle against wasps and sandsharks, while poisonous gas tickets down Rivet's health at 5 points at a time. 50 enemies must be defeated in total. Use nanotech often to regain health, and defeat the wasps and sandsharks with either the Enforcer, the Lightning Rod, or the Void Repulser (which can also block the wasps' spitting attacks), with help from the Glove of Doom or Mr. Fungi. Both enemies have low health and can be dispatched easily, meaning the main challenge is avoiding as much damage as possible and always healing up.

Freeze Pop

This challenge is a battle against amoeboids, where only the Cold Snap and the hammer can be used to defeat 25. To defeat the amoeboids, freeze them with the Cold Snap and then hit them with the hammer to break and destroy them; hitting them when they are not frozen does not count. When larger amoeboids appear, a single hammer hit when they are frozen will not defeat them, but multiple hits will break them into smaller amoeboids; alternatively, hit them off the side of the arena once to defeat them more easily. The key is in hitting them with the Cold Snap blasts when they are clustered together to make the most out of its ammo.

Revenge of the Seekerpede

This challenge is a battle against Scolo, the father of the Seekerpede fought on Sargasso during "Take Clank to Rivet's Hideout". Similar strategies apply as to when it was previously fought: use ranged weapons, and avoid its attacks with jumps or Phantom Dash. When the small Nefarious Troopers spawn in, use the Glove of Doom or Mr. Fungi against them, and prioritize Scolo. Because this Seekerpede is more durable, especially on the hardest difficulty, it is important to use a variety of weapons at Rivet's disposal.


Manglers Are Forever

This challenge is a battle against five waves of many undead enemies while the Resurrected Mangler appear as a hazard. The Mangler operates similar to before, but will sometimes throw out a burst of energy that must be jumped over. The strategy of using the Cold Snap or Topiary Sprinklers to freeze enemies and lure the Mangler to them is still effective. The enemies fought here are undead sandsharks and bone goons; because the enemies on the first three waves are melee, the Blackhole Storm, Bombardier, and Glove of Doom are best against them. When the jetpack bone goons arrive later in the fourth wave, the Headhunter or Warmonger are better choices.

LOL, That's Random

This challenge comprises waves of Nefarious Trooper attacks in a standard arena set up, in which Rivet's weapons switch to another random weapon every five kills. The weapon that is selected cannot be changed, but has unlimited ammo while in use. As such, for weapons which are weaker or otherwise harder to use against the more durable enemies, it is best to simply hit five small Nefarious Troopers to get the five kill and switch to the next weapon that may be more viable. Other than that, staying in constant motion and using the various weapons effectively as possible is the way forward.

A Good Time to Zoom

This challenge involves three waves using the Headhunter only; if not yet purchased, it is given to Rivet automatically for the duration of the challenge. The arena is set up in a wide set of platforms, with large boxes that can be used for cover. These should be used often, occasionally running out to aim and fire the Headhunter, before running back to them. All waves are against mostly ranged enemies: the first wave is against Sniper Bots, the second against troopers with Gatling guns, and the third against both. The strategies are the same in both cases: make use of the cover in between shots, and aim out and fire when safe.

Vroom Around

This challenge is fought against Vroom Goons while in low gravity, meaning Rivet's jumps are higher and last longer. The arena is set up in connected sets of long platforms, meaning the Vroom Goons' fired electric blasts will likely extend over the entire length of them to hit Rivet. Jump over these, and use ranged weapons such as the Headhunter, Warmonger, or Buzz Blades. Aside from the Vroom Goons, robomutts appear in wave 2, and jetpack Goons-4-Less also appear in wave 3.

Twice as Nice

This challenge is fought against two returning bosses from previous challenges: Scolo (from "Revenge of the Seekerpede"), and Sue (from "A Grunthor Named Sue"). Scolo is fought first until it reaches 50% health, after which a few Nefarious Troopers are fought before Sue appears next with some space pirates. After Sue is destroyed, Scolo is fought next. The same strategies apply against both as when they were fought before, though more powerful weapons that have been acquired since should be used. When the pirates and troopers fight alongside Sue, the Topiary Sprinkler, Glove of Doom, and Cold Snap should be used to slow them down and keep them occupied while focusing on Sue.

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