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Zorthan the Irritable before combat

Zorthan the Irritable

It's a giant, menacing, energy-being of some sort!

Qwark introducing Zorthan the Irritable., ToD

Zorthan the Irritable was a Phantom[1] that was fought by contestants in the Imperial Fight Festival at the Mukow arena. He had strong armor and could attack from a long range. Zorthan used his eye laser beam, multiplying electrical charges and a rapid spinning attack to defeat opponents.

Ratchet and Clank fought Zorthan after Ratchet entered the Imperial Fight Festival when looking for Qwark. It's stated that during the Great War, Zorthan killed one hundred Lombaxes Defenders. However, little else is mentioned about him or his loyalty to Imperial Army.

Imperial Fight Festival

At the Imperial Fight Festival Zorthan appeared in several challenges. In the Rogar Tournament he appeared in the challenge Introducing Zorthan. In the Magnetum Tournament he appears in the challenges Tag Team, Zorthan's Revenge and Everybody Wants A Piece Of Mustachio.

Species and appearance

Zorthan's was a member of a species of Energy-Based Beings, it was never revealed; however, he had a humanoid face and an loose tail. Some people believed that he may be an evil Zoni due to him being an energy creature with a similar name, and due to the Zoni's ability to choose how their metal bodies look.


  • If you glide towards the wall or lava while Zorthan is spinning, he will try to get you but fall in the lava, dying immediately.
  • Once the challenge is over, the lava becomes a hard surface you can walk on, taking no damage



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