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The Zoni Vessel is a key item in A Crack in Time. It is a container that can be used to store collected Zoni, and takes the form of a small blue cylindrical object that compresses and stores Zoni within. A vessel can hold up to forty Zoni. The primary purposes of the vessel are to store all the Zoni together, as Zoni grant more power together than when scattered due to being a hivemind. Zoni when collected can upgrade the Aphelion.

The It Belongs in a Museum trophy

A hidden bronze trophy "It Belongs in a Museum" is rewarded by collecting the Zoni Vessel from the Temple of Zahn on planet Quantos.


Nefarious beside his Zoni Vessel, with Orvus captured

The original Zoni vessel was brought to the dimension by Orvus who then trusted it to the fongoids. The vessel generated the most Zoni bio-energy the whole universe had ever seen. It was left by the fongoids in the Temple of Zahn.

Ratchet holding the vessel in his left hand

Dr. Nefarious later constructed his own special Zoni vessel in his base on Zanifar, in order to capture Orvus.

In A Crack in Time, Ratchet was given permission from the fongoids to enter the temple and retrieve the vessel for use. He used it to collect Zoni in his exploits against Nefarious, mostly to upgrade the Aphelion.