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Where the heck are we?

Ratchet, ACiT

Beats me. Perhaps a leisurely stroll through this uncharted jungle will solve the mystery!

Qwark, ACiT

Ratchet and Qwark inside Zolar Forest

Zolar Forest is a vegetated, jungle area on the planet Quantos. It was on the planet where Aphelion crash-landed on. Before they crashed, Aphelion froze in mid-air, within an anomaly of time. Qwark and Ratchet needed to find a way to get off the planet. They aided the native Fongoids by finding their children and killing the zyphoids that were attacking them. In return the Fongoid chief took them to their Village. He said he could help repair Aphelion using the power of the Zoni. The chief took Ratchet to the Temple of Zahn. Ratchet could pick up the Zoni vessel. Ratchet could store Zoni within this device which would, in turn, repair Aphelion. After Ratchet obtained the Zoni Vessel, invaders led by Lord Vorselon kidnapped Qwark. Several Fongoids in the area who were fighting in the battle to protect their homes alongside Ratchet were also kidnapped. Ratchet killed some of the troops. The chief brought Ratchet to a teleport device. Ratchet eventually repaired Aphelion. He went to Vorselon's ship and saved the Fongoids and Qwark. He also defeated Vorselon for the first time and Qwark brought the Fongoids back home on Quantos.

Fongoid hero Zahn Gribnak was born in Zolar Forest, before moving to Gimlick Valley on the planet Morklon.

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