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Trophy: BFG
Purchase the Zodiac. Silver

The Zodiac is a weapon manufactured by Megacorp in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It fires a single charge that instantly annihilates all enemies within sight in the player's camera. The Zodiac is available for 1,500,000 bolts upon returning to the flying lab (now the Thugs-4-Less Prison) on Aranos. Unlike most other weapons in the game, it cannot be upgraded in any way. The Zodiac is a wrist-mounted orange weapon with small, blue lightning generators at the front, from which its blast is fired. When fired, it opens and charges up for a brief moment before the entire screen goes completely blank, after which every enemy is destroyed.

Purchasing the Zodiac in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Going Commando will unlock the silver trophy BFG.


Ratchet using the Zodiac.

The Zodiac is an immensely powerful weapon against all non-boss enemies, capable of even slaying an Arctic leviathan in a single hit, but does little damage in comparison to bosses. Its ammunition is limited and pricey at 10,000 bolts each, though it can be found in ammo crates. Ultimately, the player is likely to have far more cost efficient ways to destroy enemies by the time they can afford the Zodiac, and normal enemies are not likely to pose a threat. The RYNO II is a far better purchase, as its ammunition is less expensive, while it is just as powerful against normal enemies and far stronger against bosses.

It is recommended to collect ammo for the weapon by breaking ammo crates rather than buying it at a Megacorp vendor, as one crate can replenish 1 (2 in challenge mode) out of 4 charges,

Behind the scenes

The Zodiac's effect and its ability to eliminate all on-screen enemies is identical to the lightning emitted from Ratchet whenever his total nanotech is increased.