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The Zeldrin Starport is a location in the Solana Galaxy featured in Up Your Arsenal. It is a space station built into an asteroid orbiting Zeldrin in the Joraal Nebula that is used as a port for ships traveling around the Solana Galaxy, and also for refueling starships. It is the central hub of all incoming and outbound spacecraft throughout the universe.[1] The starport is patrolled by robot guards for security, including ninja bots and soldier bots. The starport's rules are extremely strict, and passengers who violate its rules are threatened with disintegration.

Ratchet traveled to the Zeldrin Starport to meet up with Qwark and Skrunch when it was used by Dr. Nefarious' star cruiser, the Leviathan, to refuel. The group met at the starport to then travel to Nefarious' ship through an airlock tube that launched smaller ships into space, only for Nefarious to deliberately self-destruct the ship, causing a crash site on Zeldrin below.


Dr. Nefarious refueled the Leviathan at the Zeldrin Starport. The starport was apparently under his occupation, organic lifeforms were required to be held on a leash,[2] and his robotic forces patrolled the facility. Most prolific among these were ninja bots, which had their own ninja lounge on deck five that they required ID to access. Many of the passengers of the station brought weapons with them, and the starport passed a rule that passengers were limited to two carry-on weapons per person, and required that carry-on weapons too large to fit into overhead lockers must be checked in as baggage.[2]

Ratchet and Clank meet up with Qwark and Skrunch.

The Leviathan blowing up, with the Starport in the background.

In "Rendezvous with Qwark", Ratchet and Klunk arrived to meet up with Qwark at the starport. The starport had increased security, meaning that the strict rules declared, among other things, that thermonuclear warheads and nail clippers no longer be permitted as carry-on baggage.[2] The two met up with where Qwark's shuttled was parked his shuttle, before leaving to the Leviathan. Ratchet also explored the starport to find out more, and obtained the Bolt Grabber V2.

All of the penalties of the starport, including loitering, raising appendages, not keeping itinerary or three forms of I.D. visible at all times, or even looking suspicious, would result in execution by disintegration. This was likely because the starport's detention center was full, and many of its occupants had to be ejected outside the airlock to make room for new ones.[2] It is unknown how many of these rules existed prior to Ratchet's arrival or Nefarious' apparent occupation, however.

Around the time of Ratchet's visit, the starport had delayed flight 377 to Florana due to meteor showers.[2]


Map layout of Zeldrin Starport.

Zeldrin Starport is a space station built into an asteroid filled with lava. The lava pools are kept in the starport as decoration,[2] and throughout many of the rooms, rocks from the asteroid are seen mixed with the metal bridges over lava. Across the lava pools with no walkable path, spinning machines are located. The various rooms of the starport contain small starships parked on either side, held there by pipes; if broken, the pipes spray gas.

The area that Ratchet visits is comprised of a set of corridors around the western end of the lava pit. The Star Explorer lands on the nothern end, with a path west to a series of corridors leading south and then east to another landing pad, where the Bolt Grabber V2 is located in place of a ship. In the southwestern end, one of the longer rooms past a set of lava contains large gears in either side of the walls, and a door into the concourse level, a room containing several parked concourse starships, in which the floors are metal grating over lava.

In the areas Ratchet does not visit, the starport contains duty-free shopping, a ninja lounge on deck five requiring ID for access, and a detention center.[2]