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Zeldrin Starport
Welcome to the Zeldrin Starport. Due to increased security, Thermonuclear Warheads and Nail Clippers are no longer permitted as carry-on baggage.
— Zeldrin Starport's announcer upon Ratchet's arrival., UYA

The Zeldrin Starport, was a starport in orbit around Zeldrin in the Joraal Nebula. It was used by ships traveling anywhere in the Solana Galaxy. It had several refueling stations for larger starships. The Zeldrin Starport was designed for deadly warriors with such rules as only three carry-on weapons allowed. For safety reasons guards patrolled the area.

At one time near the starport was used by Nefarious' cruiser the Leviathan. Dr. Nefarious took over the starport and increased security regulations to try and exterminate Ratchet and Clank.

The starport used an airlock tube to launch smaller ships into space. Captain Qwark, Skrunch, Ratchet, and Klunk used one of these tubes to get to the cruiser. They fought their way to the bridge where the self-destruct was activated. Skrunch, Ratchet, and Klunk escaped using an escape pod as the ship crashed down on to the surface below.


Flight 377 to Florana has been delayed due to meteor showers.
— Zeldrin Starport's announcer upon Ratchet's arrival., UYA

The Zeldrin Starport provided transportation to other planets, including Florana.[1]


For the safety of other passengers please refrain from looking suspicious. Violators will be disintegrated.
— Zeldrin Starport announcer., UYA

High levels of security were in place at the Zeldrin Starport with a variety of restrictions and rules in place. Violation was often punished with disintegration.[1] Some safety measures were also taken with many soldiers guarding the spaceport and announcements advising passengers to stay clear of decorative pools of lava.[1][2]

Security measures

  • No loitering - violation resulted in disintegration and a fine.[1]
  • Carry-on weapons were restriced to two per person.[1]
    • If a carry-on weapon was too large to fit into the over-head lockers, they had to be checked in as baggage.
  • Appendages were also required to be kept to a passenger's side at all times with raised appendages resulting in immediate disintegration.[1]
  • Organic lifeforms were required to be kept on a leash.[1]
  • Passengers were required to refrain from looking suspicious with violations resulting in disintegration.[1]
  • Itinerary and three forms of ID had to be visible at all times to avoid execution.[1]

Increased security

When Ratchet visited the starport various extra restrictions on passengers were put in place for security including the banning of thermonuclear warheads and nail clippers as carry-on baggage.[1]


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