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Zeldrin is a largely primitive and low populated planet in Joraal Nebula of the Solana Galaxy, notable for Zeldrin Starport that orbited the planet which acted as major hub for galactic travel.[1]



Crash Site

Zeldrin was a planet in the Joraal Nebula where Qwark crash-landed after his supposed "death" on The Leviathan.

After the Leviathan crashed onto Zeldrin's surface, its surviving robot crew invaded the canyon on which the vessel had landed. Ratchet and Clank came here to search for the Captain, only to discover an empty escape pod. Inside was a recording of Qwark requesting a taxi cab (While disguised as a woman). The duo realized that Qwark had staged his own death out of cowardice in facing Dr. Nefarious.

It was also while the two were on Zeldrin that Aridia was invaded by Dr. Nefarious's forces. They departed immediately to save the fallen planet.


Gameplay of Crash Site

The Crash Site on planet Zeldrin was where Nefarious' ship, The Leviathan, crash-landed after he destroyed it in an attempt to kill Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark. Ratchet had to fight Nefarious's soldiers that had survived the crash along the way. Qwark was left behind on the ship, but survived the crash by boarding an escape pod. He then disguised himself as a woman (who Clank mistook for Qwark's sister when viewing the video recording) and hitched a ride on a taxi, leaving behind an important datadisk and a warm B20 crotchitizer. When Ratchet and Clank made their way back to their ship, they received a distress call from the Galactic Rangers, who tried to trick the duo into thinking it was H-22's birthday party, when they were actually losing a battle to the Tyhrranoids. Ratchet also found the Nefarious trophy there.

The crash site was in the middle of a deep, highly vegetated canyon with craggy rock formations. Zeldrin's atmosphere was a dark purple, giving the area a gloomy aspect.

Geography and Climate

It was a forested world with numerous canyons and oceans, much like the planet Joba. It has been shown that Zeldrin is a prehistorical world inhabited by Skreeducks. It was rather cloudy at the time of Ratchet's visit, and the sky was strangely purple in appearance.

Characters on Zeldrin




Notes and references

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