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Zeldrin is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Up Your Arsenal. It is a low-populated planet in the Joraal Nebula, orbited by the Zeldrin Starport, a space station within one of its asteroids. The Leviathan crashed on Zeldrin after Dr. Nefarious self-destructed it in Zeldrin's orbit, making Zeldrin the location of the crash site.

Ratchet and Clank traveled to the crash site in search of an item that Captain Qwark had left behind.


Dr. Nefarious self-destructed the Leviathan in Zeldrin's orbit, in the hopes of luring killing Ratchet and Qwark on the vessel after luring them there. While the ship was being destroyed, Qwark ominously said he spotted "something important" he couldn't live without, which was the datadisk with the master plan.[1] As Qwark did not return to the shuttle, the Q-Force assumed he had died. In reality, Qwark had launched an escape pod to Zeldrin itself,[2] which the Q-Force had not detected.[3]

After landing the escape pod on Zeldrin, Qwark hired a taxi company named Supernova Taxi, disguising himself as a woman in order to hide his identity, and left behind both the datadisk and a B20 Crotchitizer.[4]

Ratchet, Clank, and Skrunch find Qwark's escape pod

Qwark's escape pod.

After Dr. Nefarious successfully attacked Metropolis using the Biobliterator, Sasha Phyronix suggest Ratchet travel to the crash site of the Leviathan. In "Explore the Crash Site", Ratchet and Clank searched the area, finding several garrisons of Nefarious' soldier bots, guard bots, and scout bots left behind on the planet. They eventually recovered Qwark's escape pod, the datadisk for the master plan, and a B20 Crotchitizer. Before leaving to take the datadisk to Al, Ratchet was contacted by the Galactic Rangers about an attack on planet Aridia, requiring Ratchet to travel there to help them.


Crash site map

Map layout of the Crash site

Zeldrin has a dark, purple atmosphere, and two astronomical bodies can be seen in its sky. It has large uneven rock cliffs across the oceans, with thick green just above the water and on the tops of the cliffs, as well as long, purple plants. The planet is populated by skreeducks in its sky.

Crash site 1

The Crash site

Crash site 2

The escape pod.

The crash site is an area around the wreckage of the Leviathan, which crashed atop two large rock mountains that hold it up, within a large canyon with craggy rock formations. The Star Explorer lands on a landing pad atop a tower one on of the rock cliffs, which is connected to another rock cliff nearer the Leviathan by a bridge. Around these cliffs, several pods left behind from the Leviathan are located, which contain garrisons of soldier bots. The path then leads through the wreckage of the Leviathan room in which the acid pool was located to another rock cliff, where a large tower with several grav-ramps across it stands. At the top of this tower is a zipline back to the tower where the Star Explorer lands.

Behind the scenes

In an early August 2004 build of the game, an unused mission suggests one of the removed turboslider races would have featured on Zeldrin, and the nano-pak would have been acquired this way rather than the optional Hypershot use.[5] In the final release, unused menu text for skill points as well as a dummied Special menu feature also reference this, alongside the removed turboslider race for Florana.[6][7] As no gameplay was finished for the racing, and only the Florana race track was complete,[8] it was likely cancelled early before the race track was ever worked on.



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