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Your body will remain crushed and abandoned on Zaurik. Is that what you want?

Zaurik was the home planet of the Drophyds. It was a mostly aquatic planet, since the Drophyds were an amphibious species. Zaruik had reserves of trillium under its surface, and several trillium mines were therefore set up to harvest this durable metal. The part of the planet near the trillium mines was dry and rocky, much like Fastoon or Veldin, although still had water, but it was contaminated and swampy.


Flint Vorselon lost his body in a war against the Drophyds here, which he hoped to change with the help of the Great Clock. President Phyronix was later banished to the trillium mines of this planet by Artemis Zogg, where Zogg moved the planet into a far away area, where the planet itself soon became more swampy.

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