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A map of the Zarkov Sector, highlighting planet Yerek

Yes! Lets spend more time in this haunted sector filled with insidious space demons.

Qwark, ItN

The Zarkov Sector is a haunted and largely abandoned sector at the edge of the Polaris Galaxy, located east of the Cerullean Sector and south of the Praxus Sector. It was located in "dark space."


The sector once had thriving populations, mainly on the planets Silox and Yerek. However, because of the actions of Neftin Prog and Vendra Prog, they began to experiment with technology that could bring the Netherverse to their dimension. However, they would need a lot of space to carry out their experiments, so that they employed their Nether allies to scare the people out of the sector. After efforts failed to deter or appease the "ghosts," the Galactic President of the Polaris Galaxy issued a code Alpha-9, proclaiming the entire sector to be haunted and ordered the citizens to flee toward the nearest non-haunted sector. Eventually, the entire sector was almost completely abandoned, allowing Neftin and Vendra to continue their work in the sector without interference for decades, and also allowing the Serathoids to run amok on the planets and create their Nests. When it became evident that they would need help to break the barriers between their dimension with that of the Netherverse, they decided they would employ Pollyx to help bring about their dream. For this happen, they hired Thugs-4-Less, who began to set up shop in the Zarkov Sector to aid their new employers, and even built a battle arena, Destructapalooza, on planet Kragg. After Neftin and Vendra had formed a large enough force of Thugs-4-Less goons and warbots, they attacked Pollyx Industries (HQ) and kidnapped Pollyx, but not before Ratchet and Clank arrested Vendra. Neftin; however, escaped, and he planned her rescue in Zarkov Sector over a six month period while Pollyx worked on several devices, including a crude model of a Lombax Dimensionator.

Many years prior to Ratchet and Clank arriving in Weeblesnog City, Gumblebrick was mayor during the evacuation of the Zarkov Sector to the nearest non-haunted sector. Before leaving Weeblesnog City, Gumblebrick made many announcements and was also suspected to have had his men raid the bank and move all of the bolts onto his personal shuttle, claiming that it was the ghosts who took it.




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