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Chief Zahn Gribnak was a revered leader among the Fongoids. He was considered a hero by the community, being a loving chief, friend and father. Gribnak had a temple dedicated to him in the Fongoid Village in Zolar Forest. Orvus came to Gribnak to give him the Zoni Vessel. This object was later stored in the Temple of Zahn for safekeeping. His most well known endeavor was leading the Fongoids in the Battle of Gimlick Valley on planet Morklon. Zahn was captured, pardoned, captured again and then killed by the Agorian invaders. The Agorians also successfully killed most of the other Fongoid villagers as well. But thanks to Ratchet and Clank, who traveled back in time to defeat the Agorian forces, both he and the Fongoids of the settlement survived in an altered timeline. The description of his statue on Quantis implies that he is Alpheus' father.


  • A statue of Gribnak is present in the Zolar Forest village, just outside the Temple of Zahn. Qwark stops to examine it commenting how he looks like he was "some kind of hero."
  • Another statue of Gribnak was present in the Tombli Outpost in the past, but is replaced by a statue of Dr. Nefarious in the present.