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Ratchet using Clank's Heli-Pack on Yerek

This entire planet is filled with dimensional rifts, to a reality the twins call, the Netherverse.

Pollyx, ItN

Yerek is a haunted temperate planet in the Polaris Galaxy's Zarkov Sector.[2] In resided on the Zarkov Sector's southeast border, being south of planet Kragg and east of planet Silox. Yerek it and its sector of the galaxy were considered to be haunted, Yerek was abandoned. Because of this, Yerek was the perfect location for Neftin Prog's and Vendra Prog's operations. Ratchet and Clank arrived on Yerek by stowing aboard an enemy vessel heading toward the planet.[3]


Planet Yerek mission screen




  • In its recorded history, Yerek has not once had an earthquake until Nethers began to appear on Yerek, creating unnatural earthquakes.


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