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Yeedil is a planet in the Bogon Galaxy featured in Going Commando. It is a dark, heavily industrialized planet near the center of the galaxy, home to the Protopet Factory, which also doubles as the Megacorp Headquarters, used as the base of Megacorp's operations where their products were produced, including the Protopets.

Ratchet, Clank, and Angela Cross traveled to the planet in order to shut down Protopet production, after learning that all Protopets were bred here from the original. After fighting through Megacorp's security forces, they eventually fought the Mutant Protopet, and with the help of the real Abercrombie Fizzwidget, cured it and all remaining Protopets.


Yeedil is home to several factories, where the vast majority of Megacorp's products, including their robot security forces, were mass produced.[1] One of these factories was later used to mass-produce the Protopet by cloning the original, a practice which was described in a commercial entitled "Mommy, where do Protopets come from?".[2]

At some point prior to the events of Going Commando, Qwark kidnapped Abercrombie Fizzwidget, the CEO of Megacorp, and locked him in a supply closet with the intention of impersonating him.[3] He moved up the release date of the Protopets before Angela Cross could finish developing a cure[4] in the form of a gadget named the Helix-o-morph, causing her to go rogue and leave the company.

After rescuing Angela Cross from the Thugs-4-Less on Snivelak, Angela Cross told Ratchet and Clank there was no point in trying to get through to Fizzwidget, believing he was "not the same man" she used to work for, and suggested that they would need to use her old Megacorp ID badge to break into the headquarters to stop the Protopets for good.[4] After later meeting up with her on Grelbin, she showed Ratchet and Clank the "Mommy, where do Protopets come from?" commercial as a key to stopping the Protopets, but cautioned that they would need to travel separately to avoid Yeedil's tough orbital defenses.[2]

Qwark reveals himself as Fizzwidget.

In "Break into Megacorp Headquarters", Ratchet and Clank fought through Megacorp's security forces before eventually reaching a teleporter taking them inside the Headquarters. After battling their way through, they met up with Angela, before Clank's admirer cautioned them to go no further. She showed them a video recording of Qwark discussing his plans to move to the Bogon Galaxy and stage a comeback, having financed his plan with sales of one million Personal Hygenators.[5] Immediately afterwards, Qwark shot Clank's admirer with a Lancer, and removed his disguise in front of them, then had his guards arrest them.

Qwark attempting to use the Helix-o-morph.

Qwark filmed a broadcast in which he would use Angela's Helix-o-morph to cure the original Protopet, claiming that Angela, Ratchet, and Clank were behind the Protopets from the beginning.[5] However, instead when he used it, the Protopet mutated to the Mutant Protopet, as the Helix-o-morph's battery was inserted backwards. In "Defeat the mutated Protopet", Ratchet and Clank then defeated it, while Angela rescued the real Abercrombie Fizzwidget.[3]

The dralnop critters in All 4 One were taken from Yeedil.



Map layout of Megacorp Headquarters.

Yeedil is a heavily industrialized planet, with infrastructure visible from space, implying the planet is a large megalopolis. The planet has a dark atmosphere, as reflected on the dark oceans, and the sky covered in thick clouds, possibly from factory pollution. It appears to have very little to no vegetation. In the sky, two astronomical bodies are clearly visible.

The Protopet Factory and Megacorp Headquarters is an immense, looming building resembling a citadel, as the main section is a tall spire built up to the sky with a large Megacorp logo placed on the front. It has pointed mountainous rocks on either side connected to a large dam holding in water, and appears to be built either on a rocky landmass or into the water itself. Surrounding it are large platform structures built into the water, as well as tall, metallic towers with dome-like tops built around the dam.

The rooms inside the Headquarters are all particularly tall, including the narrow corridors. Many of the wider rooms have an empty abyss below, with platforms across them, and machinery covering the walls. The rooms are well-lit by brightly colored lights and have machinery throughout them. Several blocks feature in the rooms, used by the Megacorp Troopers for cover. When Ratchet arrived, many crates containing Protopets are located throughout the Headquarters.

Exterior area

The exterior of Megacorp Headquarters.

Located around the dam in between the towers surrounding Megacorp Headquarters is an exterior area, between where the Star Explorer lands and where one enters the building. This area mostly comprises a series of disparate platforms held by pillars in the water. The Star Explorer lands on one such platform, connected to another by a suspension bridge. Past this is a cluster of platforms with Receiver Bots across them, many of which have forcefields blocking out a path, and others have buildings deploying garrisons of v2.0 Megacorp Troopers and Megacorp Hover Tanks.

A large room with Receiver Bots.

Just in front of the main entrance to the building is a large compound, an enclosed area with three openings on each side. Of these, five are small areas from which Megacorp Troopers and Megacorp Hover Tanks are warped in, while the sixth, located on the far end on the left, is a door to a similar compound on the left. In here, a corridor leads to an adjacent compound, which contains a series of Receiver Bot pads on the front, and openings in the walls on both sides warping in troops, with a door at the end. The main entrance is inaccessible even with Angela's old Megacorp ID badge, though a building behind the door at the end of the compound on the left contains a switch opening it, revealing a teleporter inside behind the entrance.

Interior area

The interior of Megacorp Headquarters.

Entered through the teleporter, the interior comprises several long corridors connecting vast, more open factory rooms filled with machinery. The rooms often have a vast abyss below them, and are usually crossed with glass bridges and floating platforms. Much like other Megacorp facilities, the interior has several warp points that teleport Megacorp Troopers to fend off intruders, and it also contains crates filled with Protopets.

The first of the factory rooms has a grav-ramp tower in the center, and a metallic chandelier at the top. The second has a similar layout, with long rotating platforms activated by the Dynamo to cross its abyss. The third differs greatly from the rest in having a surface, filled with a frozen pool of water. The fourth returns to the layout of the first two, with two conveyor belts on each side of the room, and can be crossed using the versa-targets. It has a wall made up of connected pipes, and an opening to the fifth room, a more enclosed room with a grind rail above it and a floating platform to cross its own abyss. This connects to a corridor distinct from the rest, with large dark grey cannisters, and a bridge across to a corridor with a teleporter leading into the Megacorp Lab.[6]

Megacorp Lab

The Megacorp Headquarters lab.

The Megacorp Lab[6] is home to the Protopet duplication room,[7] where the Protopet was cloned from the original. The duplication room is a small, enclosed room with pipes surrounding the walls, and at the end of it a small orange tube in which the original Protopet is contained and cloned. An opening in the right wall (created by the Mutant Protopet) leads to a wide room surrounded by pillars and blue lights along the walls, with three stacked platforms in the center. These platforms are wide with a hexagonal shape, and glass in the middle, and destructible at the hands of the Mutant Protopet.

Behind the scenes

Yeedil concept art.png

The level was designed by Lesley Matthiesson, programmed by Tim Trzepacz, while Peter Hastings programmed the boss.[8] It would originally feature a Clank gameplay segment involving Microbots, including the Lifter Bot (which is only used once on Endako), but the section was cut due to time constraints.[9] Additionally, a final space combat location would appear prior to the arriving on Yeedil, in which Ratchet would destroy Megacorp's orbital defenses. Two mission descriptions and two voice lines that make reference to this mission are still present in the files for the final release.[10] The location was cut before any work was done on it to save time for the programmers and artists.[11] This is likely referenced by Angela Cross' line, in which she claims "Megacorp's orbit defenses are nasty".[12]