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Giving you an advantage over those morons on the ground!

Nefarious, about the Jetpack, PS4

The XK-81 Jetpack is a gadget in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game). It was invented by Dr. Nefarious on planet Gaspar and used by the blarg. It allows for long-term flight time when full of fuel, collected from green fueling stations on various planets.

The Jetpack is obtained by Ratchet and Clank from the Brain Scientist on planet Gaspar, who grants it in exchange for ten telepathopus brains. It is also used by the other Galactic Rangers.


The XK-81 Jetpack is used by holding L1 to fly upwards and consume fuel, and releasing L1 allows the player to descend slowly. It can only be used when a fueling station is available. Weapons can be used during the flight. The Jetpack has a fuel meter indicating the percentage of fuel remaining, which flashes red when nearly empty, and creating a beeping alert when completely empty. It can be refueled by stepping on a fueling station.

The XK-81 Jetpack is used on Gaspar, inside the warbot factory in Quartu, and the Deplanetizer when defeating Dr. Nefarious, each of which has fueling stations.

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