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The worker bots are minor characters in Going Commando. They are a group of Megacorp robots who worked in the chemical factory in Canal City on Notak. They are small robots barely shorter than Clank, and their appearance is similar to the microbots, though they are blue, have a red bowtie, wear glasses, have a backpack, and have small yellow eyes. They watch over the chemical factory's computers, which they operate using a long arm that expands from their antenna. They speak using a computer language that Ratchet cannot understand, meaning only Clank can communicate with them.

Ratchet and Clank ran into them at the end of "Search Canal City for thief". As the Unknown Thief had already left the planet, the two had searched the chemical factory for any information, and Clank believed the worker bots could help them. Though Ratchet could not communicate with them, they learned from Clank that the thief had picked up an order from the factory recently, and had just sent a transmission. The worker bots agreed to show the transmission to Ratchet and Clank for 6,000 bolts.

Behind the scenes

The worker bot model is extremely similar to the Agents of Doom model. Their character model is almost completely reused, with the exception of the blue metal, eye shape, and the added glasses and bowtie. It is likely that the model was reused and slightly altered.

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