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Delight your enemies with a blast of snowflakes that will turn them into frosty snowmen. Brr!

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The Winterizer (spelled Winteriser in Europe and Australia) is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Into the Nexus. It fires a beam that morphs enemies into snowmen. Whilst firing, the weapon plays "Jingle Bells", a holiday carol by the composer known as James Pierpont.

The Winterizer can be purchased upon reaching planet Kragg for 30,000 bolts from a weapons vendor. It can be upgraded with Raritanium, and with use, it can be upgraded to the Blizz-O-Matic, which unleashes a Frost Nova wave after morphing an enemy that morphs nearby enemies to snowmen.


Winterizer concept art

The Winterizer is a white weapon with red highlights that fires a bright red beam containing red candy canes at enemies. It contains a blue snowglobe with a snowman inside as its core. The beam morphs enemies into unique types of snowmen, which often wear red hats and green scarfs. Each snowman is frozen into its exact pose before the morph began. It has a scope shaped like a snowflake and makes a jingle sound when deployed.


The Winterizer fires a continuous beam which slowly morphs enemies into snowmen, with the time it takes dependent on their health. Unlike similar morphing weapons, it has limited ammo that depletes over time. The effect the weapon has on transforming an enemy will refresh unless the beam is held on them until transformation is complete, making it less useful against enemies with greater health. It is therefore most effective against small to medium enemies.

The primary use of the weapon comes from its functions earned through upgrades. Upgrading the weapon with use allows it to become the Blizz-O-Matic, which unleashes a Frost Nova after an enemy transforms that can damage or help morph nearby enemies, making it more effective at clearing waves of enemies. A special Raritanium upgrade increases the damage this deals. Its other special Raritanium upgrade, deck the halls, allows snowmen to drop presents containing bolts, nanotech or ammo, which allows it to be effective to transform smaller enemies to gain ammo for other enemies to defeat larger ones. Other normal Raritanium upgrades increase the ammo, damage, bolts dropped, and Raritanium dropped by enemies defeated with the weapon.

Behind the scenes

The weapon was originally created to make snowmen during the holiday season.[1]

The weapon was originally going to turn all enemies into the same snowman. Individual snowmen for each enemy were created in a last minute hustle.[2]