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Win the skyboard race is a mission in Size Matters. Ratchet and Clank approached the Skyboard racer, and assumed that he was tweaking his engine. The racer then became paranoid and suspected that they might have been after him for alleged crimes such as cheating or using drugs. The racer asked them if he looked like a cheater, and Ratchet responded in a sarcastic manner. The racer then challenged Ratchet to a race to prove he was not a cheater, promising a surprise reward if he won.

When Ratchet won the race, he reminded the racer that he had promised a reward. The stubborn racer tossed a Shrink Ray to Clank, who noted that they were extremely difficult to obtain.


The race consists of getting speed boosts and avoiding many obstacles as you race against three other skyboarders. You must complete three laps and be cross the finish line in first place to win the race.

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