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Explore the planet and Win the skyboard race are missions in Size Matters, taking place in the Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon. Ratchet and Clank arrived on Kalidon, and at first discussed how the technomites could possibly be leading them into a trap. Qwark interrupted them, claiming to have discovered his lost family after receiving a message from a company called Faux-Family.com. Following this, finding themselves unable to access the Mechanoid Factory, Ratchet and Clank approached the Skyboarder, who became very defensive about the legality of his racing, and offered to race them to prove he was not a cheater.


At the Gadgetron vendor, the Scorcher becomes available. This is a strong weapon that is powerful against clusters of small enemies, in contrast to the Agents of Doom that is better against medium-to-large enemies. Both weapons are useful for different purposes, though the Scorcher is more immediately useful (and actually affordable). At Slim Cognito's mod vendor, the Lock On mod for the Lacerator and the Wide Barrel Mod can be purchased. The former is a small improvement for the Lacerator's aiming, while the latter is a substantial boost to the area-of-effect of the Concussion Gun. However, neither are more valuable than either of the weapon purchases at this stage.

Around the factory, there are a few groups of Robotic Control Units along the path, but attempting to enter the Mechanoid Factory will lead to a dead end. Instead, travel to the Skyboarder who is located just in front of the ship for a short cutscene, and then compete in the race "Learner's Permit". After beating it, the Shrink Ray and Grindboots are obtained, allowing the Mechanoid Factory to be accessed. This commences the next mission, "Search the factory". You can still partake in three other races for more bolts, and the Sludge Mk. 9 gloves prize.

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