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Win the hoverboard race, Win the Silver Cup and Win the Gold Cup are optional missions in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) taking place in Blackwater City on planet Rilgar. After Ratchet and Clank traveled to the hoverboard race to compete on behalf of Skidd McMarx, defeating amoeboids on the way, Starlene greeted them to the hoverboard racing event. After completing the Bronze Cup, the two competed in the Silver Cup and Gold Cup. Completing the Gold Cup rewarded Ratchet a RYNO holocard.


Though this is an optional mission, it is advised to complete it before leaving Rilgar, as competing in the hoverboard races will allow you to earn a lot of bolts used to buy weapons for more difficult missions. Complete it either before or after "Search the sewers".

Come first in the Bronze Cup in the hoverboard race to complete the first mission. To win control the hoverboard, hold R2 to accelerate forward, pressing L2 to use an available boost. You can have up to three boosts available, and a boost becomes available once one of three gauges are filled, either by crashing through crates or by successfully performing tricks with the Right analog stick stick in air. Use X to jump throughout, and pass through blue boost pads (signified by directional arrows) or on the ground or blue rings in the air to boost. To gain an advantage on your opponents, try to constantly fill your gauge by crashing into crates and using tricks in the air, hit as many boost pads as possible, and use jumps and boosts to cut corners. It is not unusual to be behind until the third lap, at which point you get in front.

After this, "Win the Silver Cup", followed by "Win the Gold Cup", become available. These races do not differ significantly, but step up in difficulty with explosive crates that will slow you down if you run into them. Avoid all explosive crates, and otherwise repeat the same strategy of boosting and cutting corners to win.

Try to win each challenge before leaving the planet, due to the bolts provided. You should finish with enough bolts to buy all currently available weapons from the vendor, including the Pixelizer, Groovitron, and Mr. Zurkon. You can also attempt to beat the Gold Cup in under 1:35 seconds for the trophy Kalebo Thunder.

In the race, you can find a gold bolt, located on the hoverboard race track. On the inside of the second turn from the start, a ramp leads to an upper area. Keep on this upper path to find the gold bolt inside a boost ring just before the third turn.