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Win the hoverboard race is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Skid's Agent had lost his star client Skidd McMarx after crash landing on planet Aridia. Ratchet found and rescued him during the mission "Find Skid's agent", after which he requested Ratchet to take the place of his missing star client, win the hoverboard race in Blackwater City, and bring him the prize from winning the championship race. In return, he would make Ratchet his next star.


The Mine Glove will now be available for the price of 7,500 bolts at the nearby Gadgetron vendor. It is a relatively useful weapon, but rather situational and requires some planning and forethought to be used effectively. It does, however, works fairly well in conjunction with the Taunter. Start by taking the path on the right, where you encounter the extermibots and an extermitank within the first building. These units are engaged in a small battle with the amoeboids, and can often be seen fighting, though be aware that either considers Ratchet an enemy and will often prefer attacking him over each other. The extermibots are fairly average enemies and are easily taken out with any available weapon. The extermitank is well-armored, but lacks range and will not close in on you.

Proceed to the next structure using your Heli-Pack and two stretch jumps, avoiding the water as the sharkigators inside will gobble you up near instantly. The next building is locked, though a nearby button unlocks the gate, causing a group of extermibots to charge out and attack you, making it a prime location to test the Mine Glove. Proceed through the rear exit, stepping on another button to activate a large extendable bridge to a small plot of land occupied by another group of extermibots. Now, take the nearby elevator to a larger open area with a lone amoeboid and two groups of extermibots in locked rooms. Pressing a nearby button will let them out, causing them to dispatch the lone amoeboid with ease and then converge on you.

Once dealt with, enter the right button and take the taxi to the downtown area. Another group of extermibots will be in the midst of a battle with several amoeboids, allowing you to engage with the stragglers. Some sewer caps allow you to access some extra crates, once jettisoned into the air by steam, on top of some extra ledges. You will also encounter the Shady Salesman, who offers you the R.Y.N.O. for 150,000 bolts. Next, defeat the lone extermitank blocking another button, which opens a nearby gate, setting several extermibots free. After they have been taken out, enter the formerly locked room to access an elevator, which takes you to an underground tunnel.

Shortly after, you will reach a large cavern, with a wide circular bottom in the center and three smaller rooms set in the walls, each locked and filled with extermibots. In the center is a lone button, that opens the aforementioned rooms, surrounded by three amoeboids. Either take out the amoeboids and then the extermibots, or ignore the former, press the button, and escape out of the pit to let them all vanquish each other, allowing you to take out the few survivors. One room will have an exit to an elevator, which takes you to the second-last area.

This area is divided up into small square spaces, with laser walls blocking both access and exit. Several extermibots and amoeboids will be stuck here as well, though you are able to use the buttons to unlock yourself a path to the other side. Note that afterwards, you can turn around and follow another two series of buttons to defeat the remaining enemies and smash any leftover crates. Continue on and step on top of another sewer cap, which then rises allowing you to destroy another extermitank, which otherwise blocks you from stepping onto the roof it occupies. A fourth and last tank guards the interior of the structure behind it, after which you can take another elevator to reach the final area, where you will meet the Hoverboard Girl and enter the Hovercon Intergalactic Hoverboard Competition.

Hoverboard race

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