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Trophy: Kalebo Thunder
Complete the Bronze Cup Bronze

Win the hoverboard race, Win the Silver Cup, and Win the Gold Cup are optional missions in Ratchet & Clank, taking place at the Gadgetron Headquarters on planet Kalebo III. Ratchet and Clank searched the planet for a Hologuise, as they needed it in order to infiltrate the Deplanetizer. When they found Gadgetron CEO Wendell Lumos after "Find the Focus Lab", Lumos explained that the blarg had taken the remaining Hologuises apart from a prototype available as a reward for winning a hoverboard race. Ratchet and Clank competed in the race to win the gadget.


After speaking to Wendell Lumos, use the Hydrodisplacer on the nearby Hydro Faucet to drain the water around the headquarters, and you can then compete in the hoverboard race. At this point, only the Bronze Cup is available.

Come first in the Bronze Cup of the hoverboard race to complete the first mission. This plays very similarly to the hoverboard race in Blackwater City on planet Rilgar; collect boosts and aim to boost constantly to stay ahead of the competition. This time, however, several shortcuts will appear throughout the track. They are accessed by riding through three gates to unlock a barrier leading to a shortcut. Make sure to use each shortcut to complete the race. Using the second shortcut on the map, used by jumping to the small ramp to the top right of the main ramp will earn a gold bolt.

After you obtain the Hologuise, "Win the Silver Cup" and "Win the Gold Cup" become available. These play similarly, though explosive crates appear throughout; avoid them and otherwise repeat the same strategy of using each shortcut to win. Try to win each challenge before leaving the planet, and winning the Gold Cup will earn a RYNO holocard (beating it in under 2:05 will earn the trophy Kalebo Thunder, done by hitting shortcuts and avoiding as many crates as possible).

With this, exit the office to the HQ, hitting the green button to return to your ship. The final mission, "Locate the Gravity Stabilizer", is available. If you have not already completed it, complete "Ride the grindrail". On your way back to your ship, make sure to pick up the trophy Lazy Lombax by not moving when on the conveyor belts back to your ship and letting them take you. When you get to your ship, a cutscene will play with Elaris' plan for the Deplanetizer. Consider first obtaining all RYNO holocards available prior to the Deplanetizer, and all telepathopus brains on Gaspar, to come fully equipped for the final mission.