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Win the Megacorp Hoverbike Race is an optional mission in Going Commando taking place in the Megacorp Games area, on Joba. The Mathematician invited Ratchet and Clank to the Megacorp Games, which also featured a side event, the Megacorp Hoverbike Race. These hoverbike races ran concurrently with the arena battles in the Megacorp Games, and involved the Desert Riders, who Ratchet had previously raced with on Barlow. Ratchet competed in the race and won the Charge Boots.


To enter the hoverbike race, from where the Megacorp vendor is, head up to the next cliff. Instead of taking the path to the left with the building, take the path on the right (past the Joba tribesmen). Use the Swingshot to cross the two versa-targets to a small cliff, then to the right, use the Swingshot to pull down the bridge and cross it to another cliff. Use the Swingshot again on the next bridge to pull it down, and head in to meet Biker Two. A cutscene will commence, and you can compete in the hoverbike race.

The mission is complete after the first hoverbike race, in which you will win the Charge Boots. Before leaving, it is a good idea to complete the remaining hoverbike challenges for bolts. Also, with the Charge Boots obtained, it is now much easier to obtain all the desert crystals on Tabora.

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