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The Wigworm

The Wigwump (also known as the Wigworm) was a giant worm-like monster that lived in the mines deep underground in the Deadgrove encountered shortly after the heroes acquired the Jet-Pack gadget.

A Wigwump was featured in Planet Igliak's Intergalactic Museum of History, this Wigwump was shot while it was sleeping and posed by a team of eight taxidermists.[1]

The Now We Need a Really Big Tissue trophy.

A hidden trophy "Now We Need a Really Big Tissue" is rewarded when defeating the Wigwump.


The Wigwump in Igliak's museum

The Wigwump was a large carnivorous worm-like creature that was native to the planet Sargasso. It had ten eyes, a purple body with fourteen legs. According to Cronk and Zephyr, it had fourteen stomachs to digest its prey. It was noted to be ill-tempered and territorial, attacking the gang when it invaded its burrow. It could breathe fire at enemies, and its jaws were powerful enough to break metal.

Its teeth were powerful enough to break rocks.[1]

Behind the scenes

Wigwumps were first mentioned by Cronk in Ratchet & Clank: Issue 3: Lost and Spaced when he referenced how Artemis Zogg had been watching him and Zephyr "like a paranoid Wigwump".



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