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The Warship[1] is a boss in Up Your Arsenal, fought in the research facility, Daxx. It is a ship with the ability to warp from one location to another, which patrols the docks of Dr. Nefarious' research facility. The ship fires missiles at intruders, and confronts those attempting to access the high-security computer at the docks.

Ratchet and Clank fought the Warship during the mission "Explore the Docks". At first, while traversing the docks using the Hypershot, the Warship fired missiles along the way, halting their approach. Just before reaching the tower in which the high-security computer could be accessed, the Warship blocked the path forward. After destroying it, they were able to access the computer, where they found it was being used to edit a music video by Courtney Gears, producing propaganda for Dr. Nefarious.




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