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It's called a Warp Pad. Great for running away. Here, I got an extra one.

A Galactic Ranger, giving Ratchet a Warp Pad, UYA

The Warp Pad is a gadget in Up Your Arsenal. It allows Ratchet to set a Warp Pad down on warp pads, and teleport back to them whenever necessary.

The Warp Pad is granted to Ratchet by the Galactic Rangers after assisting them on Aridia and completing Operation: DEATH VALLEY. It is used in Qwark's Hideout on the Thrann Asteroid to access elevators and get past a forcefield.

Behind the scenes

The Warp Pad was introduced later into development, and altered heavily from its original design. It was originally a disc that could be thrown anywhere to teleport to. However, this design broke levels, allowing the player to potentially break level geometry and access areas they were not supposed to. Due to the time constraints and inability to redesign all levels around this gadget, the developers instead chose to heavily restrict the gadget as it had already been required for a titanium bolt. The platform at the very beginning of Thrann Asteroid which crosses ice was originally planned to be a segment for the original Warp Pad.[1]


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