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A War Grok in A Crack in Time

A War Grok was a monster who fought Ratchet in the Battleplex Arena. It was part of an ancient Agorian rite of passage known as "Mauling by War Grok" and was a match to the death. They were presumably trained by the Agorians for battle, but were never seen outside the Arena (except Qwark's War Grok whom he takes with him). The first encountered one is tamed to some extent by Qwark who named it Snowball.[1]


The War Grok relies on close quarter combat to defeat its prey. The War Grok often attempts to slam down its fist at Ratchet. It will also swing its arms back in forth, requiring Ratchet to Strafe Jump to avoid it or to do a backflip. The War Grok may also run away and slam both of his fists into the ground, throwing Ratchet into the air. This doesn't harm him, but makes it easier for the War Grok to hit him when he comes down. Finally, he'll spawn Swarmers to attack. These creatures behave like Cragmite Cragpoles, biting, but more often spitting acid at Ratchet. Despite their numbers, they only take one hit to kill these goons of the War Grok.

A Handler and a War Grok


Get the Skyburst Payload Constructo mod from Axiom City. Then, upgrade the Constructo Bomb to at least V.4. Keep throwing bombs at him and constantly replenish ammo. He should be dead quickly.

A second strategy is to simply use the wrench. Time your jumps for when he swings or claps his fists together. Constantly strafe and comet-strike at him. Make sure not to go too far to his side. Otherwise, his swing is unpredictable and much harder to avoid. This can be easy to complete, and does not waste any ammo. In fact, it gives you a skill point.

Also, if you have the RYNO V, upgrade it to V5, then use it to defeat the War Grok in about 2 seconds.

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