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Walk the PATH OF DEATH! is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place in the Nabla Forest, Florana. After searching for the mysterious man who had fought Dr. Nefarious, Ratchet and Clank eventually encountered him, but only for him to express great displeasure at their presence. The man demanded they walk the "Path of Death" before he would cooperate. Ratchet obliged in order to learn the man's identity.

Completing the Path of Death without taking any damage will unlock the skill point "Stay squeaky clean". Half-way through the mission, a titanium bolt can be obtained.


This mission involves little combat and is mostly an obstacle course in which you have to survive until the end. To begin with, jump over the platforms to reach the end where three nabla natives are fought; defeat them with the Shock Blaster or Plasma Whip to proceed, where you will find boulders rapidly coming down that will deal damage if they hit. It is best to strafe (either by holding L2/R2 or by equipping a ranged weapon, depending on your control scheme) to move left and right and avoid these, and then jump at the end. Defeat the nabla natives, and move right.

Next, jump right across the long stretch of platforms and defeat the enemies to reach another corridor with pistons and flame traps. It is best to use the Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack to do a well-timed boost jump to avoid these traps and proceed forward. After this is a stretch filled with flame traps, and two nabla natives. Defeat the natives, and then watch carefully the patterns that the flame trap activates in. By timing your jumps correctly, it is possible to safely jump across the tiles and avoid being hit. After this, head right past the boulders, dodging them again by strafing, and jump to the Gadgetron vendor. This will commence a cutscene, completing the mission, which will proceed in "Defeat Captain Qwark".

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