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The logo for DreadZone, the most popular holovision show on the Vox Network

The Vox Network or simply Vox was a Holovision network, founded by Gleeman Vox. The Vox Network was operated in the Shadow Sector, outside the Solana Galactic Government reaches. The two most notable holovision shows on Vox are DreadZone, an underground combat sport show (no longer on the air) and Lance and Janice, a soap opera detailing the love lives of Lance and Janice.

Known Shows

  • Al's Hot Bots
  • DreadZone
  • DreadZone for Dummies
  • DreadZone Shopping Network
  • Heroic Histories
  • Lance and Janice
  • Shellshock's Shoot'Em Up
  • Supreme Machines
  • Tactics with Clank
  • Vox Idols
  • Vox Morning News
  • Vox News
  • Weather Watch


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