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Vox Industries is an organization in Deadlocked. It was a conglomerate owned by Gleeman Vox based in the Shadow Sector. Vox Industries was involved in a variety of businesses, primarily weapons manufacturing, merchandising, and holovision mass-media broadcasting under the Vox Network. Its most notable production was DreadZone, an illegal gladiatorial combat reality show in which heroes were forced to fight to the death.

Vox Industries developed a variety of weapons that Ratchet made use of when he was a forced contestant on DreadZone. Throughout his time, Vox News, a news channel on the Vox Network hosted by anchormen Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro, made slanderous pieces and false accusations against Ratchet, while spinning Vox and the DreadZone Exterminators in a positive light. After Ratchet defeated Vox and destroyed the DreadZone Station, Vox Industries was not heard from again.


Before Deadlocked

The Vox Industries conglomerate was founded in the Shadow Sector at an unknown time, and included a variety of business ventures by Gleeman Vox. It extended to holovision stations across four galaxies, weapons manufacturing, merchandising, and fourteen slugha rescue operations and glue factories.[1] Gleeman Vox kept employees in line with cruel methods, including feeding his weapon design team to a leviathan after they disagreed with a weapon proposal,[2] and using one of Vox Industries' weapons, the Fusion Rifle, in board meetings.[3] Vox eventually conceived of the holovision show DreadZone after seeing heroes on the news, and thinking about coercing them into battle for bolts and entertainment.[4]

Through DreadZone, Vox Industries kidnapped heroes and forced them to compete in the show, holding them in the DreadZone Station containment suites, and giving them deadlock collars that would kill or harm them if they disobeyed.[5] Vox Industries also built battlecourses on several planets in the Shadow Sector, converting some of the planets' existing notable sites and historic locations into settings that were exciting for the show. In some cases, such as with Orxon, the sites for the show would be destroyed and rebuilt weekly for different episodes.[6] DreadZone was extremely successful, gathering at least six trillion fans[7] across four galaxies,[1] all while still operating beneath the notice of much of the Solana Galaxy.[a] Vox had ambitions to spread the show further, as a means to not only increase his profits, but also conquer all of known space in adding a battlecourse to every planet.[1]

Vox Industries also made merchandise based on DreadZone. This included a popular hair removal and body works system sold at The Everything Store,[1] collectible trading cards,[10] and commercially unsuccessful merchandise based on the champion Exterminator, Ace Hardlight.[11][12] The poor sales led to a toy factory on Torval going abandoned and being reused for a DreadZone station.[13]


When Ratchet and Team Darkstar were forced to compete on DreadZone, Ratchet made use of Vox Industries weapons exclusively during his time competing.[14] The equipment for his combat bots, however, were provided by Go-Comet, with the exception of the Hacker Ray.[15]

Ace Hardlight's merchandise continued to underperform, leading Gleeman Vox to threaten Ace that he would be replaced if he did not make himself more endearing to audiences.[11] Vox began to see this replacement in the form of Ratchet, whom he had underestimated but noted that his popularity even eclipsed Hardlight from Hardlight's heroic youth.[16] Ratchet's success led to fuzzy lombax ears, a product packaged with the Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit that Vox never approved of, being the only well-performing merchandise product for them.[12] As a result, after Ace Hardlight was defeated by Ratchet, Vox offered to make Ratchet the champion Exterminator to replace Ace, though Ratchet refused.[17]

Ratchet, Clank, and Al eventually hatched a plan to drop the containment fields in the DreadZone Station, releasing all heroes, by sending Ratchet to destroy the central computer in the control level. Gleeman Vox took advantage of this situation by wiring the Battledome with six gigatons of nitroglycerin, setting a detonation timer, fleeing to a remote location, and sending cameras to film Ratchet for a high-stakes DreadZone episode.[18] Ratchet was successful in freeing the heroes and defeating Vox, and due to Vox's rigged explosives, the DreadZone Station was destroyed, effectively ending Vox Industries. In place of DreadZone, a continuous loop of Lance and Janice episode 10,972 titled "I Like You, But I Don't Like-You, Like-You" was played.[19]



A number of businesses operated uner the umbrella of the Vox Industries conglomerate.[1]

Name Description
Vox Airways A travel company. Also operated the shuttle used to transport DreadZone contestants to the Battledome.[5] Presumably also responsible for the interplanetary transport vehicle used to move contestants to various battlecourses. Said transport traveled on a fixed course, with any nav computer tampering resulting in a self-destruct sequence.[20] One was also used to ambush the Starship Phoenix.
Vox Network A commercial broadcast holovision company that produced many shows under its umbrella, including Vox News and DreadZone. Also provided the entertainment used in Vox Airways flights.[5]
Vox Magazine A magazine produced by Vox Industries that voted Shellshock "Sexiest Robot Alive".[21]
Vox Pharmaceuticals A drug company that at one one point developed portable lava technology while designing a heated massage oil, which became used for the Napalm Mod.[22]
Vox Space Casino and Resort A betting company that handled gambling for DreadZone.[23]
Vox Laboratories Created the an experimental superweapon, the Obsidian Blade, with a core consisting of vorpal matter from the center of an H-class black hole.[24] The laboratories also created a range of other technologies, including Alpha Clank.[1]

Vox Industries also had fourteen slugha rescue operations and glue making factories.[1]

Holovision shows

The Vox Network produced a variety of shows, aired in holovision stations across four galaxies.[1]

Name Description
DreadZone An illegal reality holovision show in which heroes fight in gladiatorial combat to reach the top score of the leaderboard. The heroes were forced to fight against their will, given deadlock collars to prevent them from leaving. Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro were the main commentators. Ace Hardlight was the five-time grand champion,[7] until he was defeated by Ratchet.
Vox Entertainment Known productions include documentaries on the DreadZone Exterminators, such as one produced on Reactor.[25]
Vox News A news channel hosted by anchormen Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro. Reporting by Vox News was largely inaccurate, with the network frequently slandering Ratchet[7] and competing news networks.[26]
Vox Sports Provided updates on DreadZone.[27]


Vox Industries also sold a wide variety of merchandise based on its DreadZone heroes.

Name Description
Ace Hardlight products Various products were made to market Ace Hardlight, including action figures, a video game, lunch box, movie rights, and collectible trading cards, but were broadly unsuccessful.[11] A focus test was done as a result, producing unfavorable outcomes for Vox.[28] Many were manufactured on Torval, though the poor sales caused the manufacturing plant to be shut down and be used in a DreadZone battlecourse instead.[29]
DreadZone hair removal and body works system A product sold under the DreadZone branding exclusively at The Everything Store.[1]
Exterminator Trading Cards A series of trading cards made for each of the Exterminators: Reactor, Shellshock, the Eviscerator, and Ace Hardlight.[30]
Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit A kit that accidentally included fuzzy lombax ears as an accsesory. These proved very successful, but were released entirely beneath the notice of Gleeman Vox.[12]

After Ratchet became grand champion of DreadZone, he was offered action figures, sports shoes, deodorant, breakfast cereal, earmuffs, cologne, drinks, breath mints, movie rights, reality shows, video games, and commercials produced in his likeness.[31]


Name Description
B6-Obliterator A grenade launcher, voted "Weapon of the Year" by the Galactic Association of Ridiculously Unnecessary Firepower.[32]
Dual Vipers A set of dual pistols with nano-optic refire technology,[33] given to DreadZone contestants
Fusion Rifle A sniper rifle that uses patented hydrogen fusion combined with state of the art magnetic optics scope for long-range accuracy. The weapon is used by Gleeman Vox himself for when he gets interrupted.[34]
Holoshield Launcher Launches holographic barriers that serve as shields for cover. A technologically-improved version of Gadgetron Corporation's Holoshield Glove, using patented quantum technology.[35]
Hunter Mine Launcher Proposed by Vox as "a gun that launches highly explosive homing mines". The original weapons design team were opposed, though the second team accepted it after Vox fed the first to a leviathan.[36]
Magma Cannon A shotgun that fires a cone of magma at enemies, and was the pride of the Vox Industries personal protection line.[37]
Mini Turret Launcher A weapon that deploys autonomous miniature turrets on firing. Illegally uses technology that was patented by Megacorp, though the lawyers sent by Megacorp were kidnapped and forced to compete on DreadZone.[38]
OmniWrench upgrades The Versa-Wrench Lite and Fission Lance were mentioned as Vox Industries products, described as "melee-weapon household tools".[39][40] The Obsidian Blade, however, was released by Vox Laboratories.[24]
Scorpion Flail A mace weapon with an extendable chain, having a wide area-of-effect on impact.
The Arbiter A missile launcher with missiles that pierce carbonox armor. Named by Ace Hardlight after he used the weapon to settle a legal dispute with his former agent.[41]
The Harbinger A superweapon which launches a volley of small missiles that point targeted lasers towards the ground, after which orbital ion cannons will fire. The weapon was developed by Vox to rival its competitors: the Apocolator and the R.Y.N.O..[42]


Name Description
Hacker Ray A top security bypass device developed for the combat bots, used to hack security orbs during the DreadZone challenges.[43]


Behind the scenes

Vox Industries is known as Pox Industries in the European (PAL) version of Ratchet: Gladiator (Deadlocked). The names Vox Network and Vox News parody the real-life Fox Network and Fox News.

In unused audio files, Juanita Alvaro lied to Dallas Wanamaker about Shellshock being nominated the "sexist robot alive" by Vox Magazine, claiming that she made it all up.[citation needed]

The demo for Deadlocked mentions Vox Industries had loads of fun testing the Arbiter on their competitors before it was released to the public in The Arbiter's description. The in-game description for The Arbiter was changed in the final release.[citation needed]


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