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Vox Industries, (known as Pox Industries in the European versions of the game), was a mass-media commercial state based in the Shadow Sector. The company was owned by and named after Gleeman Vox and it owned several smaller companies that dealt with specific markets and products.


Vox Industries produced a variety of products. The organization's show with the highest ratings was the reality holovision show DreadZone.[1] Because of this many of the products produced by Vox Industries were related to the show.

Among other things, Vox Industries was a weapons manufacturer responsible for producing the majority of weapons and gadgets used by DreadZone contestants. Under the name of Vox holo-films, a Vox Industries company, holo-films were released and produced with shows such as DreadZone and the Galaxy's Funniest Decapitations. These shows were aired on holovision stations across four galaxies.[1] From the success of these shows various merchandise was also released which included Ace Hardlight action figures and fuzzy Lombax ears, trading cards and a range of other commercial products - usually these were related to DreadZone.

Other companies Vox Industries owned included Vox Airlines which was the transportation method used by contestants for DreadZone. The company also had a popular DreadZone hair removal and body works system which was sold at[The Everything Store and 14 Slugha rescue operation/glue making factories. As well as manufacturing weapons for DreadZone, Vox Industries had a variety of labs for creating a range of other devices such as Alpha Clank.[1]

Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit

A child wearing the Fuzzy Lombax ears, an accessory in the Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit

The Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit was a weapons package designed by Vox Industries for children between the ages of three and six. One accessory in it, named the Fuzzy Lombax Ears, was the only product made by Vox Industries which did not show a loss in sales after Ratchet started becoming more well known in the arena.

Ratchet merchandise line

Following the planned promotion of Ratchet to the Exterminators, Vox intended to release numerous Ratchet-themed products including; breakfast cereal and breath mints. This line never went into production.

Vox Magazine

Did you know Shellshock was named "sexist robot alive" by Vox Magazine.

Juanita Alvaro, DL

Vox Magazine was a magazine owned by Vox Industries.

Behind the scenes

  • In cut audio files, Juanita Alvaro lied to Dallas Wanamaker about Shellshock being nominated the "sexist robot alive" by Vox Magazine, claiming that she made it all up. When the game was released, however, these lines were not included in the quote, leaving only the part about Shellshock being nominated the "sexiest robot alive."[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Vox Industries is known as Pox Industries in the European (PAL) version of Ratchet: Gladiator (Deadlocked).
  • The television station Vox Network parodies Fox Network.
  • The demo for Ratchet: Deadlocked mentions Vox Industries had loads of fun testing the The Arbiter on their competitors before it was released to the public in The Arbiter's description. The in-game description for The Arbiter was changed in the final release.


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