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Create a vortex that will suck enemies into the air and freeze them in stasis. Then, whack them!

Instruction Manual Weapon Description, ItN

The Vortex Grenade is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Into the Nexus. It creates a black hole that causes them to float in the air.

The Vortex Grenade is first available in the Hagrow Swampland on planet Thram for 75,000 bolts. It can be upgraded with Raritanium, and can be upgraded with use to the Singularity Grenade at V3, which sucks enemies towards it and allows Ratchet to create more than one at a time. The Omega Singularity Grenade can then be purchased in challenge mode.


The Vortex Grenade is a dark purple glove that creates large black holes surrounded by a purple aura. It causes enemies nearby to float in the air towards it and become temporarily disabled.


The Vortex Grenade is a strategic weapon that can disable enemies. It causes them to float in the air, making them vulnerable to attack and allowing Ratchet to deal damage with other weapons while they are disabled.

The Vortex Grenade can be upgraded to the Singularity Grenade with use, which allows more than one to be used at a time. Raritanium upgrades can be unlocked, including upgrades to its duration and the size of the vortex, as well as the special upgrades max expander that allows more enemies to be sucked in and tachyon pulse that allows black holes to emit waves that damage enemies within them.