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Lord Vorselon owned a massive warship, which was his home and mode of transportation. It was presumably used during his escape from Zordoom Prison and battle against planet Zaurik.

He orbited Quantos when he kidnapped a hail of Fongoids and Qwark. He was defeated by Ratchet in the Phylax Sector and retreated back to the Nefarious Space Station.

The next time he was seen was after his mechanical body had been reconstructed; he had Alister Azimuth prisoner on the ship and made Ratchet a proposal: He would release Azimuth, so long as Ratchet would take his place. After being defeated again, his ship took off, not to be seen again until just before Nefarious's defeat.

Vorselon's Ship.jpeg

He challenged Ratchet to one final fight where, once defeated, the sore loser response was initiated, annihilating the ship and all of Vorselon's minions.

Sections in the Ship

  • Torture Chamber
  • Day Spa
  • Hanger
  • airlocks
  • Central Hub
  • Armory
  • Vehicle Bay
  • Brig
  • Detention Wing/Block


  • Vorselon's ship, due to Vorselon's status as a disembodied head, is fully equipped to accommodate him as such, with automatic doors and a piloting system that he appears to be perfectly capable of controlling (presumably by voice command or his being mentally linked to the ship), due to the fact that he always pilots his ship out of the sector after being defeated and losing his mechanical body.
  • The ship has built-in defense mechanisms, such as laser grids, the ability to alter said laser grids depending on an intruder's whereabouts, an ability to release fighter jets when enemy ships approach, and even, as a last resort, a self-destruct sequence that can be initiated should Vorselon be killed while on his ship (Named Sore Loser Protocol 71406).
  • When Vorselon captures anyone as prisoners, the only food they are given is tap water. This prompts Qwark to call Vorselon and his guards "animals."
  • While prisoners get only tap water, Nefarious Troopers get such things as Fried Weasels.
  • Vorselon's Ship was encountered three times by Ratchet; once in the Phylax Sector, once in the Korthos Sector and finally in the Corvus Sector.


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