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The Voron Asteroid Belt was a space combat level where Ratchet, Clank, and Aphelion first encountered Captain Slag and his robot pirates. It was one of the many belts and rings in the series. This was the first space combat level in Tools of Destruction where you flew through an asteroid belt with a sun and a planet that looked like Jupiter of the Milky Way galaxy. The pirate boss that was fought was named Puffy Pants Wallis.


Voron Asteroid Belt lay at the edges of Pirate Territory, and bordered Imperial Army. Travelers passing through the sector were often attacked by Space Pirates, making the region very unsafe, in addition to all the asteroids floating around.

During Ratchet and Clank's trip through the asteroid field with their new spaceship Aphelion the duo were attacked by Slag's Space Pirates, who wanted Aphelion for themselves. To their utter shock, Ratchet and Clank obliterated the Space Pirates. Nevertheless, troublemaking soon attracted Puffy Pants Wallis, who was piloting a Pirate Demolition Vessel. Despite his ships raw power, Puffy Pant Wallis too was defeated by Ratchet and Clank, who sped on through the asteroid belt on their way to planet Mukow.

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