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Vorn Garblak was a Markazian scientist and head chairman of the galactic panel of interstellar know-it-alls and chief warmonger and assistant by Artemis Zogg's command until Issue 5. Since Zogg's defeat, he held the title as Minister of Defense in the Polaris Galaxy.


Theft of Veldin

While Ratchet and Clank are on vacation on their old home of Planet Veldin in Ratchet's garage for some well earned rest and relaxation from their previous adventures, Artemis Zogg, responsible for the disappearance of planets across the universe, traveled to the Solana Galaxy to steal more planets and arrived in orbit above Veldin, targeting it as his next planet to steal. Vorn Garblak informed him that Veldin was devoid of any real value, claiming it to be a frivolous dreadful rock. However, Artemis Zogg told Vorn he saw opportunity in the planet and ordered him to start the machine and take it with them, after realizing how useless it was to turn it into his galaxy's private junkyard.

Vorn sending a radio transmission to Veldin

Vorn Garblak sent a transmission to Veldin explaining to the citizens about the moving the planet. Warbots were dropped onto the surface of Veldin to help ensure a smooth transition. The warbots happened to crash land right near Ratchet's garage and automatically began shooting the heroes, forcing the duo to fight them off for their lives. After destroying one of the warbots with Ratchet's Skyburst 8000, Ratchet and Clank attempt to escape to Veldin's Planetary Defense Center to get assistance from Galactic authorities.

Ratchet loaded his Blaster to destroy the troops on his Hoverboots while Clank drove the hoverbike to the Planetary Defense Center. However, Ratchet eventually ran out of ammo and was about to be killed by one of Zogg's head warbots, but Clank drove the hoverbike right into the warbot, damaging it and destroying the hoverbike. More warbots soon surrounded the duo, prepared to shoot them; however, Artemis Zogg ordered his troops to hold their fire and bring the duo to him along with the planet. The damaged head warbot threw them into a launch pod to Zogg's ship, peeking out at them angrily when in there. While in the launch pod with Ratchet, Clank looked out the window the launch pod and noticed that the star clusters are not any he had ever saw. When the heroes were brought to Artemis Zogg's ship, Artemis Zogg revealed himself to the heroes, welcoming them to his galaxy.

A Close Shave

Ratchet denying the existence of an Artemis Galaxy

Chaining them atop his ship's security wall, Zogg introduced himself and Vorn to the duo while imprisoned. The villains then reveal that they are fans of Ratchet and Clank and impressed that they defeated Nefarious twice and saved the universe over several times. When Artemis Zogg told Ratchet he had been taken to the Artemis Zogg, he denied it's existence stating that there was no such galaxy. Used to Zogg's usual punishment to his enemies, Vorn questioned if they'd be dropping them in the incinerator, to which Zogg said that wouldn't be necessary, and ordered him to send them to the Vartax Detention Facility instead of killing them, but not before giving Ratchet back his OmniWrench Millennium 12, stating "he'll need it where he's going." Ratchet, accompanied by General Glahm, soon break out of being thrown out the airlock with help from Cronk and Zephyr, heading on to save Clank and escape the facility. Zephyr recognized Vorn and mentioned that he's a spineless coward when they confronted Mr. Klink before finding Clank and escaping the facility. Astounded and greatly displeased with Mr. Klink's failure in keeping Ratchet and Clank and the prisoners in captivity, Artemis Zogg said that there was an old saying for his excuse; "he that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else", asking a scared Vorn if he agreed, and coldly killed Klink by ejecting him from the airlock. Vorn confirmed the guards contained the riot and they were still waiting for a final count of how many prisoners escaped and asked if he should prepare the warbots for another assault. Zogg said he had a better plan and was going to lead Ratchet and Clank right to him.


After Zogg's defeat, Vorn succeeded Zogg as the Minister of Defense in Polaris, and voiced his opinion on the origins of the Minions during the Z'Grute's attack on Luminopolis. He believed that the Z'Grute belonged to the Minion and they came to retrieve it. He also advised citizens to stay in their homes.

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