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Visit Clank's apartment is a mission in Going Commando taking place in Megapolis, Endako. While visiting Megapolis to rescue Clank from the Unknown Thief, Ratchet traveled to Clank's apartment in search of any items that were left behind.

This is one of two missions that can be attempted upon arriving on Endako, along with "Rescue Clank from the thief". A platinum bolt can be earned along the path to this mission.


Between this mission and "Rescue Clank from the thief", it is better to complete "Rescue Clank from the thief" first, as the Heli-Pack (or Thruster-Pack) will improve your mobility considerably.

Two new weapons are available at the Megacorp vendor: the Pulse Rifle, and the Miniturret Glove. The former is a sniper rifle that deals heavy damage to one enemy, but has low ammo and generally requires aiming to hit, making you vulnerable; the latter deploys miniature turrets that automatically target nearby enemies. If you have completed multiple Galactic Gladiators missions, one or the other should be affordable, but not both. While both are useful, the Miniturret Glove is better against the enemies on this planet and more broadly in general, whereas the Pulse Rifle is effective against long-range engagements, which this planet does not truly feature.

Take the path on the right from where your ship lands, and you will see a forcefield gate with a trash can in front of it. Knock over the trash can with the OmniWrench, and several Megacorp Sweeper Bots will spawn in. These are small, melee enemies, which you can destroy with the Miniturret Glove, or either the Blitz Gun or Chopper. Knock over the next trash can, and a Megacorp Laser Bot will appear, which is easily destroyed with the same aforementioned weapons. Behind this is an open area with three steps leading up to a short tunnel inside a building; destroy the Sweeper Bots and head inside.

Knock over the trash can and throw a Miniturret Glove to destroy the Sweeper Bots and Laser bots that arrive, then head outside. The Thug Leader will show up in a helicopter to taunt you, but will have to be ignored. Jump over the platforms, and handle the a few enemies and a pair of Laser Bots, continuing to cross another gap. Take the path right leading inside the building (opposite the metal door) to a lower floor of a building with a trash can. Break it, and several Sweeper Bots will swarm you. They can be deadly in a swarm, so throw down two or more miniturrets to destroy them and the Laser Bot that arrives. Head outside once they are all clear.

Out here, you will see some rails in the distance which you can not access until straight after this mission is complete. Instead, take the elevator shaft up on the right, and throw down a miniturret to deal with the Laser Bots that attack. Carry on ahead and take an elevator up to a large room with two trash cans. Throw down about four miniturrets and break both. The miniturrets should deal with the enemies that arrive, but carry the Blitz Gun or Chopper just in case. After dealing with them all, a door opens up to the outside.

The door leads into the mission "Shoot down the Thugs-4-Less ship". After destroying it, a translocator will appear, tke it to visit Clank's apartment.

Head inside to find the Swingshot and Grind Boots. While you are here, you can also use the Dynamo to activate the game pyramid on the table to play Sheep Blasters, or destroy it for a free 1,000 bolts. To finish the mission, head to the exit to the left, and equip the Swingshot. Use it to latch onto the green versa-target and propel yourself across to a platform, then use it to swing across the next versa-target onto a second platform. For the third, latch onto the blue versa-target to pull the bridge towards you, then take a translocator back to the ship.

Before leaving, it is now possible to revisit this path and ride the grind rails that were previously inaccessible before you obtained the Swingshot. Doing this will lead you to Slim Cognito, and open up the weapon mods vendor.

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