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The Vindicator Tournament is the fourth tournament available to contestants in the combat sports show DreadZone in Deadlocked. It is available after acquiring two gold medals and enough Dread Points from the challenges on the Valix Belt and Torval, and features the Exterminator Eviscerator as the final boss. Completing the tournament grants the Vindicator rank and armor, as well as access to the planets Stygia and Maraxus.

The Harbinger, another Wrench Upgrade, and the Time Bomb Mod will be newly available from the DreadZone vendor. The combat bot vendor at Al's also sells another armor and damage upgrade (Go-Comet XR) and the Beta Ravager (an upgraded Alpha Ravager). The Harbinger will be far too expensive at 2,000,000 bolts, so either buy the combat bot upgrades or save your money for the new Omega mod (or purchase it outright if you can).

Note that starting the Vindicator Tournament will force you to play all three challenges in order, without being able to use a vendor in between.


Murphy's Law

The first challenge is a "random" weapons arena challenge of six rounds, although the weapons are in fact predetermined. You start with the Fusion Rifle against the new DZ Stingers and Rhyno Swarmers (generally the same old enemies with a new design), followed by the Scorpion Flail at the start of round two, which features more Swarmers, Tremors, and small Beam Turrets. Round three forces the Hunter Mine Launcher on you against a leviathan, more Swarmers, and a Reaper at the end. Round four is against a dropship while you only have the Magma Cannon. Round five features the same enemies as round three, including a Laser Back, while you can use The Arbiter. The final sixth round is up against several Executioners while you can only use the Dual Vipers.

Air Drop

In "Air Drop" you must survive endless arena action for 135 seconds while you will constantly be under barrage by explosive barrels. The barrels land both randomly and fixed upon your location, so it is crucial to keep moving at all times. Enemies include DZ Stingers and Rhyno Swarmers at first, followed by Executioners and Tremors, and finally ends with hordes of Cycloids until the timer ticks down.

Eviscerator Battle

Eviscerator opens up with dashing towards you, slashing left and right while he does so. Dodge this by strafing or using the Charge Boots, then turn around and start throwing everything you have at him while strafing to avoid his laserbeam. The Holoshield Launcher can also be used to block the beam indefinitely, which can be somewhat safer. After the beam he will start to do forward handsprings until he is close enough to hit you, which he will then attempt.

After a third of his HP is gone he will start to constantly release missiles that slam into the ground near you, and then explode after a split second. As long as you keep moving you can safely avoid them, although the Holoshields can also sometimes 'catch' them, which can help. At around 40 to 50% of its HP it will sometimes gain a large shield for a moment and fly away to a corner, while a trio of Tremors will show up in the arena. Defeat the allies and then continue throwing everything you have at Eviscerator until he finally goes down.

Completion of "Reactor Battle" rewards the player character with the Crusader rank, with which they can access the Valix Belt and its challenges, as well as the challenges on Torval. Before heading to either planet you should also acquire the remaining bot upgrades from Al's vendor.

Dread Challenges

Higher Ground

"Higher Ground" is primarily a platforming challenge in which you must make your way to the top of the Tower of Power. Take the grind rail to the chamber up ahead, dealing with the Tremors that spawn as you approach the platform. The platforms, some of which flip now and then, should pose no challenge, nor should the dropship that attacks you when you get to the next platform's corner. Follow the platforms and Swingshot targets until you reach the tower in the center, where you must destroy the incoming DZ Stingers and Cycloids. Once done the nearby grind rail will have re-positioned to take you to another platform where more Cycloids attack you.

From here time you can continue the platforming course until you reach a triple grind rail, which leads to the top. Several nanotech crates can be broken here to restore any health if need be. However you will have to be fast as several Cycloids, Reapers, and a single leviathan will join you. The challenge ends when you finish them off.

The Corkscrew

In the last Dread Challenge you will have to shoot the grind rail calibration orbs to make the rail position in such a way that you can reach the next area. The rail will otherwise loop in on itself, although even when it is done you need to carefully time your jumps across a few gaps now and then. There is no real rush, so take your time with the enemies (leviathans, Reapers, Swarmers, Cycloids) while managing the orbs. At the final area you only need to kill a few more enemies (another leviathan and more Reapers) to finish the challenge.