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Viceron was the dismal planet in the Verdigris Sector of the Polaris Galaxy, and home of the infamous Zordoom Prison.


Long ago, Sigmund was once served as a cleaner bot on planet Viceron, before a Zoni by the name of Orvus selected Sigmund to be the Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock.

During the Great War, Viceron was involved somehow in the greater conflicts occurring across Polaris. The warbot Cronk was stationed at the Upsilon Outpost on planet Viceron for some time during the conflict.

Viceron much later on became the home of Zordoom Prison. It was not until the rise of Percival Tachyon and his empire that Zordoom notoriety rose to epic proportions. Because of Zordoom Prison, Viceron was voted the second worst tourist location by the GrummelNet Intergalactic Travel Guide, only being beaten by planet Jasindu, which held Kerchu City. Inmates across the Polaris Galaxy were dumped on Viceron's notorious Zordoom Prison, mostly for "crimes" against Imperial Army. Following the enslavement of the Terraklons by the empire, large number of Terraklons were sent to Viceron while others were sent to planet Mukow to compete at the Imperial Fight Festival.

After the Imperial Army had capture Talwyn Apogee, Cronk and Zephyr on Sargasso, Ratchet and Clank traveled to Zordoom Prison to free Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr (with some "aid" provided by Qwark). Around the same time, all the Terraklons (excluding Flint Vorselon) were pardoned after their homeworld of Terraklon Six was destroyed in the Thyrullian Supernova.

Following Imperial Army's collapse, Viceron was governed the Polaris Galactic Government, where it continued to dump criminals. One of these criminals, Flint Vorselon, managed to escape Zordoom and Viceron by stealing an M Class Starship, which was later found by galactic authorities with Vorselon nowhere to be found.

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