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Vernon, also known as Subject 137, was one of the three children brought in to rate DreadZone's products.[1] He appeared in several DreadZone commercials with his friends, Eugene and Lucy.[1]


Exterminator Trading Cards advertisement

Vernon and his two friends, Eugene and Lucy became major fans of DreadZone which attracted the attention of DreadZone who often had them involved in focus tests and commercials for DreadZone. Vernon at this point in time showed a particular liking to Dull "Reactor" Bookworm, an Exterminator and former math teacher at the Kronos School for the Inept on planet Kronos.[1]

Vernon along with his buddy Eugene appeared in a commercial for Exterminator trading cards. In the commercial, Vernon and Eugene were playing with Exterminator trading cards in Vernon's house. Vernon told Eugene that he was attacking him with a level five Spider Tank card. Eugene responded by laying out his level six Lawn Ninja card. Vernon laughed at Eugene, claiming he had fallen right into his trap, promptly laying down a Reactor card much to Eugene's horror. Vernon then informed Eugene that he was exterminated which was followed by a crash in the background as Reactor broke through Vernon's house wall, and vaporized Eugene in a beam of green light. Vernon then asked Reactor to "slap me some skin!" for defeating Eugene in the game, which Reactor did so by smacking Vernon across the room.[1]

Pajama super powers commercial

I'm Reactor, I can eat metal! Roar!

Vernon pretending to be Reactor in another DreadZone commercial., DL

Vernon, Eugene and Lucy later appeared in another DreadZone commercial, which claimed that kids across the galaxy knew that wearing the right pyjamas could give them superpowers. In the commercial, Vernon was dressed up like Reactor, and proclaimed he could eat metal, before he crushed a soda can and roared. In the same commercial he watched Lucy attempt to fly like Battle-Hawk.[1]

Ace Hardlight Action Figure focus test

Because of continued bad sales figures for Ace Hardlight merchandise, Gleeman Vox had his researchers set up a focus test at the Lab to determine why they weren't selling well. After reviewing three-hundred test subjects, including Subject 135 (Eugene) and Subject 136 (Lucy), the next subject was Subject 137 (Vernon). Gleeman Vox, speaking via the lab's speaker, attempted to persuade Vernon into wanting an Ace Hardlight Action Figure claiming all the cool kids were doing it. Vernon with little actual interest in the toy itself, said he would play with it, but also claimed Ace Hardlight was a "tool." Gleeman Vox then asked Vernon that if he thought Ace Hardlight was a "tool" who's action figure would he rather own instead of Ace's. Vernon wasn't sure at first but then exclaimed "that Lombax guy", Ratchet, who Vernon now came to idolize after Reactor was defeated. Vernon then attempted to imitate Ratchet's fighting style used during the Reactor battle, before Gleeman Vox decided he had enough of this child, and promptly shocked him with a mechanical arm attached to the speaker within the lab. Vernon yelped in pain, and called for his mom before he was thrown out of the lab to make room for Subject 138.[1]

Ratchet is victorious

Ratchet is a malicious criminal, he must be punished!

Dallas Wanamaker voicing footage of Vernon cheering after Ratchet's victory over Ace Hardlight., DL

Following Ratchet's win over Ace Hardlight, Vox News did a special highlighting "outrage" over Ace's defeat. In a clip showed by Vox News, Dallas portrayed Vernon's cheering for Ratchet as a demand for Ratchet to be punished for his "crime" against Hardlight.[1]

Escape from the DreadZone Station

Wo ha ha ho! Check out that explosion! That was awesome!

Vernon on the DreadZone Station's explosion., DL

Like many fans of DreadZone, Vernon, along with Eugene and Lucy, found themselves trapped on the self-destructing DreadZone Station which had been activated following Team Darkstar's daring move to save trapped DreadZone contestants. However, Ratchet, Merc and Green were able reactivate the Escape Shuttles, allowing Vernon, Eugene and Lucy hop aboard one carrying Clank, Big Al, Venus, Dallas Wanamaker, Juanita Alvaro and the two Test dummies. It later picked up Ratchet, Merc, Green and Slugha, leaving Gleeman Vox to perish as the DreadZone Station was blown to bits. Vernon watched the explosion in awe and told Eugene and Lucy that it was awesome. Eugene became grumpy with Vernon because he continued to hog the window to observe the explosion. However, before Vernon could argue, Dallas Wanamaker told them all to bug off, as it was his turn to look. Lucy responded by smacking Dallas in the face, causing him to flee. Eugene; however, grabbed Dallas's antennas, and Vernon jumped right on Dallas, knocking him out and causing everyone aboard the vessel to laugh. After Ratchet took up Hydro Girl's request for him to visit her, Vernon along with everyone else aboard the Escape Shuttle visited planet Aquatos.[1]

Ratchet fan club

Vernon attending a meeting of the Ratchet fan club

Big Al later founded the Ratchet fan club, which Vernon joined along with his friends Eugene and Lucy. He along with his buddies came to respect Big Al, affectionately known as the "Big Tool" for his acts as club leader until he was later forced to step down as den leader following an argument over Exterminator trading cards.[1]

Behind the scenes

Vernon's voice is provided by Nika Futterman, who also voiced Juanita Alvaro and Vendra Prog.[2]

Vernon is known as Kid B in the credits.[3]


Vernon skin

Vernon is also a secret unlockable skin in Ratchet: Deadlocked. Oddly, the player one Vernon skin is not the same colors as Reactor or the costume Vernon had in the DreadZone commercial. Instead, player two has the correct colors.[1]


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