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Powerful. Cold-hearted. Insane. Vendra Prog is without a doubt the most dangerous criminal the galaxy's ever seen. She's just so much more evil than your average space lunatic. Luckily she's currently deep in cryosleep on the high-security Nebulox Seven prison ship. All we have to do is deliver her safely to the Vartax Detention Centre. What could possibly go wrong?

Instruction Manual Character Summary, ItN

Vendra Prog, Prisoner 9971 or known by others as the Space Witch, is a primary antagonist in Into the Nexus. She is a dangerous space criminal and a nether, and was sentenced to the Vartax Detention Facility before being freed by her brother, Neftin Prog.

Vendra is the most dangerous space criminal in the Polaris Galaxy, and has strong telepathic powers. She searched to find her own species, the nethers, contrasting herself with Ratchet, who abandoned his search for the lombaxes. Her quest would lead to her to search for a new Dimensionator to release the nether leader, Mr. Eye, from the Netherverse from where she originates, and her drive to find her own species clouded her judgement and made her actions cruel.


Pre-Into the Nexus

Vendra Prog originated from the Netherverse. When Vendra and Neftin were young, their parents sent them to Ratchet's dimension out of fear for their safety from the nether leader's cruelty, using Nether Rifts created by the great cataclysmic event caused by the fongoid misuse of time travel. As she was sent at a young age, she had no recollection of the events that occurred in the Netherverse. They were then found near a cave on planet Yerek, and since they were young enough, their bodies were able to adapt to the new reality, though they were unable to survive in the Netherverse without protective gear. The two were raised in the Meero Orphanage, a corrupted orphanage, where they led a miserable childhood and were bullied.

Vendra came across a new friend during her childhood while exploring the caves below their room, whom she named Mr. Eye. Mr. Eye then told her and Neftin of their nether heritage, but told them that they had been away too long for them to return to the Netherverse. Vendra decided that, as they could not return home, she would instead bring home to them, and bring the nethers into Ratchet's dimension. She researching into transdimensional tunnelling and quantum mechanics, conducting transdimensional experiments to find a way to release Mr. Eye, the nether leader, from the Netherverse. In the process, she turned the entire Zarkov Sector haunted with transdimensional visions. Vendra also had Neftin fitted with cybernetic enhancements at some point, and he served as her unstoppable building.

Vendra's research eventually led her to discover the lombaxes and the Dimensionator, and the twins heard of Ratchet and Clank's exploits against Emperor Tachyon. They stole a tourbot named Docent 427 from the Intergalactic Museum of History to try and steal the Dimensionator from it, though they opted instead to build their own when deducing that the museum was too heavily guarded.

Vendra imprisoned on the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship

In doing so, Vendra and Neftin Prog violently assaulted Pollyx Industries and kidnapped Pollyx, the CEO. This led to her arrest, and to her quintuple life sentence at the Vartax Detention Facility. She was then put into cryosleep and put on board the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship, and set to be escorted to the facility by Ratchet, Clank, Cronk and Zephyr.

Into the Nexus

Vendra spent six months in cryosleep before being awoken by Ratchet and Clank to be taken to the facility. After being awoken, she first toyed with the two by exercising her telepathic powers. Later, Neftin Prog hired the Thugs-4-Less mercenaries to strike the Nebulox, and board the shup, freeing her. Enraged by her long imprisonment, she used pyrocidic explosives that Neftin had planted on the ship to destroy and kill her captors, in spite of Neftin questioning the need. Vendra successfully killed Cronk and Zephyr, who were both tied to the ship, though Ratchet and Clank survived and chased the two to their childhood home of Yerek.

The Nethers betray Vendra Prog under Mr. Eye's orders

Ratchet and Clank eventually caught up with Vendra on planet Silox, where she had successfully created taken a new Dimensionator knockoff from Pollyx. She then brought Mr. Eye into Ratchet's dimension, expecting a warm welcome. However, as Vendra had outlived her usefulness to Mr. Eye, he tossed her into the Netherverse before using his nether army to invade the universe.

Later, using the original Dimensionator, Neftin was able to open a portal into the Netherverse and free Vendra, with the help of Ratchet and Clank. Clank entered the Netherverse and freed Vendra. When she arrived in Ratchet's dimension, she used her own powers in combination with it to imprison Mr. Eye and the nethers back into the Netherverse. Afterwards, Neftin, having made a deal with Ratchet, turned himself and Vendra into authorities to be imprisoned, much to her protests.



Vendra is a nether who has lived within Ratchet's dimension too long, causing her to adapt to it and giving her a physical form. She has a humanoid form, with a large, round head, and a slim and slender body. Her skin appears entirely pale and she has light-green eyes, though she also wears purple clothing and a large hat with red horns. Due to her telepathic powers, Vendra is almost always hovering above ground.


Vendra and Neftin Prog

Vendra Prog isn't like the other criminals we've faced. She's cold and empty in a way I've never seen.

Talwyn Apogee, ItN

Vendra appears as a cold and dangerous criminal, even more ruthless and willing to kill innocent lives to make a point than her brother. She was seen as being cruel even towards her own brother, and had committed crimes that had earned her a quintuple life sentence in a detention center in space.

However, as Neftin explains, her behavior is a result of her being driven by a longing to have a family. Her miserable childhood of rejection as an orphan led her to long to be reunited with her race, making her easily manipulated by Mr. Eye who had promised it to her. She was a dark mirror of sorts for Ratchet, as unlike her, he was not willing to take risks that would endanger innocent lives to be reunited with his own race, as he had rejected the opportunity to use the Dimensionator given the danger it posed and to use the Great Clock as a time machine as doing so could tear apart the fabrics of space and time.

When Vendra was betrayed by Mr. Eye, she began to show a more vulnerable side to her personality, and acted more kindly to those around her. She also expressed regret to Neftin and apologized for her behavior towards him. Nonetheless, she objected to being thrown in jail, and joked about still being evil.


Ratchet trapped by Vendra

Vendra Prog was capable of emitting psychic energy using telepathic powers, as shown when she took over most of the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship despite being encased in a containment cell. She could also trap people inside psychic bubbles and could levitate. She could also use her psychic powers to smack people. Her powers were a gift from Mr. Eye, and after Mr. Eye was banished to the Netherverse, her powers appeared to have vanished.

Vendra was also shown to be very intelligent. She constructed Neftin's cybernetic upgrades and was credited with the invention of the Netherblades as a kindergarten science project, and later created a rift beacon. She had done extensive research into quantum mechanics and transdimensional tunnelling after reading books on the subjects. With the help of Pollyx and Neftin, she was able to build her own Dimensionator.

She was also skilled at piloting a M-class star cruiser.

Behind the scenes

Vendra speaking through com link

TJ Fixman compared Vendra to Courtney Gears, tweeting "If you thought Courtney Gears was evil, wait until you meet Vendra Prog".[1] Vendra Prog is the first major female villain to appear in the series since Courtney Gears, and the two both share the same voice actress in Nika Futterman, who voiced Gears in Deadlocked. Futterman also previously voiced Juanita Alvaro and Vernon.


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