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Vapedia was a Valkyrie-inhabited planet in the Bernilius sector of the Breegus System. Vapedia was a grassy and temperate planet very similar to Earth, although it once was ravaged by sudden volcanic eruptions. The Valkyrie Citadel was located in the skies of Vapedia.


Immigration of Valkyries

After the Erebus supernova destroyed the Valkyrie colony, they immigrated to Vapedia. Once they all arrived at the planet, all males were banished for failing to ask for directions. It was soon the victim of sudden volcano eruptions and therefore islands of land were raised into the sky by hyperwind fans. After the volcanic crisis finished, the Valkyrie Citadel remained in the sky for defensive reasons.

Rescue of Clank

Dr. Nefarious had Clank moved to Vapedia and used a fake distress signal to lure Ratchet and Azimuth there. Ratchet destroyed Carina and her spaceship in order to land, and began his search for his pal. Azimuth and Ratchet battled their way through the network of buildings in the skies and split up. Ratchet survived several trials and faced Cassiopeia, killed her, and rescued Clank. When Ratchet told Azimuth not to use the Great Clock for time travel, he became angry and flew off in his ship.





Native Wildlife



  • Off in the distance, giant flying whale-like creatures can be seen flying around, identical to ones seen on Ardolis and the Ublik Passage in Tools of Destruction. They are unnamed and purely for scenery.
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