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Valkyrie Citadel was a citadel owned by the Valkyries. There was a joint leadership council between Libra, Cassiopeia, and Carina. Old Valkyrie technology was used to establish this citadel from their old colony. Valkyrie females are the only inhabitants along with ray-creatures and Teratropes. Their training course was designed to kill any males of their species and train warriors. The two types of Valkyrie warriors in the citadel were archers and bashers. Bashers were heavier and strong enough to lug hammers around. Archers were more graceful and lighter, but only in the air. They hurled spears and were the same as bashers without their wings. Hover technology and star pilots made the citadel almost impossible to penetrate much unlike the old one. Little is known about the previous colony, only that a supernova destroyed it.[1]


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