The Valkyries were an organization of female robots that worked for Dr. Nefarious. The Valkyries were trained to be both powerful on the ground and in the air. They specialized in piloting ships, with their three leaders being Carina, Cassiopeia and Libra. Their main base was the Valkyrie Citadel, on planet Vapedia. The female of the species have gigantic rears.

Ratchet killed all three of the Valkyrie leaders and later infiltrated their citadel. The Valkyries kept Clank hostage for Dr Nefarious.

Valkyries would also kill any men of their species with their death course. The leader Cassiopeia stated "Any man is too weak to survive this course" as Ratchet began the first round. As a result, we can only speculate as to how they reproduce, and what the male of the species looks like. Granted, as robots, it's possible they simply construct their 'offspring'.

Known Valkyrie Worlds and places inhabited by Valkyries


  • The leaders Cassiopeia, Carina and Libra are named after constellations.
  • They were even more dangerous than the space pirates, claiming more than double ship hijackings in one year than the space pirates, though this is likely because Slag was now a disembodied head and incapable of being an effective leader (particularly because of pirate radio).
  • The Valkyries used to be a bi-gender organization, but after their colony fell victim to the Erebus supernova, they moved to Vapedia. All male Valkyries were banished for failing to ask for directions.
  • The Valkyrie bosses in space could cause a glitch if Ratchet killed them as they killed him. The game would sometimes freeze and whenever he tried to fight them again they would not die. This only rarely happened.
  • In Viking mythology, Valkyries were women who took Viking warriors to heaven.
  • When volcanic explosions ravaged Vapedia, the Valkyries lifted habitable portions into the sky, creating the Valkyrie Citadel. When the volcanoes stopped erupting, they left the citadel there for defensive reasons.
  • CassiopeiaCarina and Libra are larger than the rest of the Valkyries with Cassiopeia appearing to be bigger than the rest of her species.

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