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The VX-99, also known as the VX-99 Hoverdrone was a boss in A Crack in Time. A massive machine created by Nefarious, it was sent to destroy Axiom City when it was alerted of Ratchet and Azimuth's presence. It was later destroyed by Ratchet. The VX-99 had 3 stages to be completed in order to defeat it.

Savior of Axiom City

Savior of Axiom City trophy

Destroying the VX-99 will reward you with a hidden bronze trophy "Savior of Axiom City".



The VX-99 rampaging through Axiom City

The VX-99 Hoverdrone was massive machine the size of a skyscraper. When not in use, the machine was stationed on a tower like platform until activated, which it then destroyed it's tower platform so that it could hover toward it's prey. The VX-99 had three major body sections, a cone like lower body, a saucer shaped upper body and a green glass dome which contained it's head. The lower body contained it's primary weapons which were three long robotic arms that carried massive laser cannons that could cut through an building in Axiom City. This section could be transversed because it was magnatized, allowing the use of Gravity Boots and was also was not harmed by its own weapons, meaning it blast its own body to kill Ratchet without harming itself. The supports for the arms were located here and can be detached with a Wrench. The upper body contained sweeping laser beam generators used to get pesky intruders away from the sensitve genarators that protect it's dome. The dome of this Hoverdrone is where the head is contained. It's immune to most firepower, but destroying the generators weakens it to heavy fire. The head is it's only "weak" spot in the sense that it's only section that can cause the VX-99 to explode. The head is armed with a turret, but is only used if it's dome is destroyed. The head looks eerily similar to its creator, looking almost exactly like it except lacking a mouth and having four yellow eyes, to on its face and two on massive stalks on each side of the head.


The VX-99 was a massive machine outfitted with many deadly weapons. The VX-99 Hoverdrone armor allows it to not be harmed by its own weapons and the use of Ion Cannons can only stun it. It's primary weapons were it's three long tentacles arms could fire powerful lasers that could make short work of skyscrapers. The dome of the robot was outfitted with three generators that could create sweeping lasers that Ratchet had to jump over. If the dome was destroyed, the machine's head contained a turret to fire at opponents. If the head was destroyed, as a last resort, the machine would self-destruct in an attempt to kill it's foe.


  • There were many constructions at the Nefarious Space Station that looked like the VX-99.
  • On its third stage, the VX-99 could be finished in under a second with the RYNO V, or with the Omega Doom Blades.
  • The name VX-99 may come from the extremely toxic VX nerve agent, a testimony to the lethality of the machine as a weapon of mass destruction.