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Unused dialogue comprises verbal transcriptions of unused dialogue files findable on the discs of Ratchet and Clank games.

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  • Game and build sections are organized by order of release.
  • Repeated lines in later builds of the game are omitted from the later lists. Only lines that are not present in a previous build of the game are included in the list.
  • Because the dialogue was unused, it is impossible to ascertain the would-be triggers, therefore they are not indicated. Instead, they are listed by order of length, and categorized under the character who speaks the line.

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Ratchet: Deadlocked demo

  • Tonight, on a very special episode of DreadZone- intergalactic heroes Ratchet and Clank are reunited once again. But, will this famous duo have what it takes to survive the dangers that await them in the deadly meteor temple of Shaar?!
  • The temple has been divided into three sections, separated by impenetrable forcefields! To advance, Ratchet's team will have to cut the power to the forcefields at these nodes!
  • Yeah, stick to the straight stuff, babe. Leave the comedy to me, eh?
  • What about the contestant?
  • Uh-huh, yeah we get, Juanita! She's passionate about her work, folks.
  • Typical, since you're full of hot air!
  • I can attest to the strength of the forcefields, Dallas. Just yesterday, during an interview, I smashed a contestant's head into one and it didn't even scratch the forcefield! (laughs)
  • His head exploded like a melon, Dallas.
  • You know what they say, Dallas. The heroes that fight together, die together, horribly in terrible agony, screaming in pain!
  • It's a labor of love, Dallas.
  • Use your D-pad to activate the bot command menu. When you give a command, the best bot for the job will automatically respond!
  • This is an allied bot. A versatile combat droid programmed to follow your orders! On the battlefield, these guys are your best friends! I can teach you how to command your bots, but you need to decide where and when to use them!
  • You can press down on the D-pad at any time to make your bots regroup to your position!
  • Your combat bots now have a super attack, called the Ravager! When the meter is full and the icon flashes, press up on the D-pad to launch it!
  • One of your bots has been de-activated, but that's okay! You can resurrect him faster than Reactor's career after he became an exterminator! Personally, I liked him as a school teacher.
  • You should check out the Shield Link feature. Just press left on the D-pad to have your bot create a shield around the bolt crank!
  • Hey, Ratchet. Try using your bots to turn the bolt cranks for you. Just press right on the D-pad whenever you're close to a crank!
  • Ratchet, according to a DreadZone tech bot, you will have to capture both nodes to lower the forcefields. I gave him an Agent Clank autograph and he was happy to talk.
  • Only one node to go!
  • The Landstalker is armed with dual-linked machine guns and and a plasma mortar launcher.
  • Ratchet, have you noticed the experience meters on your visor display? There is one above your health readout, and one below your selected weapon. Every time you defeat a DreadZone opponent these meters will increase. As you gain experience your weapons and health will constantly upgrade.
  • Ratchet, prepare for arrival on the ancient planet Shaar.
  • Command your bot to toss out an EMP by pressing left on the D-pad.
  • This is the weapon customization screen. Here, you can individually configure each of your weapons! To modify a weapon, select the weapon you want and press X. Then, select either the omega or alpha mod tab. You can choose any available mod on the list to equip onto your weapon. Try attaching different combinations of mods to see what is most effective for you in combat.
  • Ratchet, there should be a vendor located up ahead. This would be a good time to equip some new weapons and mods.