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Blast your opponents into oblivion with high-velocity plasma balls!

Magma Combustor

The Magma Combustor nanotech auto-upgrade gives the wielder control of three barrels of radioactive superheated plasma destruction. Perfect for resolving minor automotive disputes, lighting barbecues or spreading democracy to third world galaxies. (GrummelNet is not legally responsible for providing an exit strategy for said conflicts.)

Fusion Grenade

Nothing ruins an enemy's day like a thermonuclear hand grenade!

Fusion Bomb

The Fusion Bomb contains a cluster of GrummelNet's patented "Intelli-Seeking Pyrocidic Nitroballs". These devastating Nitroballs will bounce toward your foes and deliver a resounding and unmitigated form of justice.

Shock Ravager

Shielded enemies will think twice about attacking after feeling the wrath of an electrified energy whip!

Lightning Ravager

GrummelNet's coveted Lightning Ravager is the only weapon in the galaxy to harness the mysterious power of quantum lightning. The "quantum chaining" feature is greatly improved in this upgrade to the Shock Ravager, as searing bolts of lightning intelligently seek out and strike other foes over a greater distance each time an enemy is hit. Originally conceived as a bath time toy, the technology was repurposed by GrummelNet's weapons division on the advice of our legal department.

Tornado Launcher

Create and control your own cataclysmic tornados using patented Gadgetron technology! Trailer Park sold separately.

Tempest Launcher


Buzz Blades


Doom Blades

The Doom Blades are the most highly advanced form of GrummelNet's "Smirking Ninja" weapon line. Each blade is soaked in a high molarity, raritanium-piercing hydro-chloro-biocidic acid that will continue damaging your foes long after the blade has found its mark.

Predator Launcher

Enemies can run, but they can't hide from this launcher's new and improved laser guided lock-on system!

Raptor Launcher

Raptor Rockets are GrummelNet's answer to the age old question: "Why can't I shoot seeker ammo and drop incendiary goo at the same time?" Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in nanotech auto-upgrades, Raptor Rockets now provide you with the seeking missiles you've grown to love plus an extra splash of hot, sticky napalm in every shot!

Alpha Disruptor


Alpha Cannon

The Alpha Cannon is so powerful it was once thought to be the lost "Lombax Secret". It improves upon the Alpha Disruptor's already fearsome firepower by creating a massive explosive impact with every enemy it hits. If there are any foes within 12 cubits of the blast radius, rest assured you won't be seeing them in the sequel.

Pyro Blaster

This kerchu-engineered flamethrower offers your enemies two choices: regular or extra crispy!



Plasma Beasts

These synthetic bodyguards will lay dormant until enemies move in, then strike with lethal efficiency!

Plasma Stalker


Shard Reaper

Perforate your foes with high-velocity spikes of Trillium Ore!

Nitro Reaper

The Nitro Reaper extends the functionality of the ever popular Shard Reaper by injecting highly compressed liquid hydrogen in each shard. Freeze your enemies stiff, and then laugh at them mercilessly! Cragmite popsicle kit sold separately.




A favorite with Teamsters, the Judicator is a triple barreled version of GrummelNet's high-end Negotiator. Firing three rockets at a time, the Judicator is perfect for invading small galaxies or enforcing picket lines.


A single hive deploys dozen of nanosects that attack your enemies with pyrocidic stingers!

Toxic Swarmers


Mag-Net Launcher

Uses polarized raritanium pellets to cast an electromagnetic mesh over your enemies!

Mag-Net Cannon


Razor Claws

Lacerate your enemies in style using wrist-mounted laser splitters!

Shredder Claws



A weapon so dangerous and illegal that its schematics were destroyed and its designers locked up in a maximum security asylum on planet Pokitaru.

RYNO IV Extreme



O2 Mask

Never let a lack of oxygen keep you from saving the galaxy! This incredible mask will actually synthesize and recycle oxygen while you explore underwater areas and outer space!


The Geo-Laser allows Clank to cut through cracked, weakened walls. Use the light over Ratchet's head as a guide and press Triangle when it's solid green.


Although the optical relay has been damaged, the message contained inside appears to be intact. Perhaps your ship has the necessary equipment to unlock its message!

3 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer

An unusual gift from The Plumber, this looks like an ordinary washer used to fix leaking pipes and oversized hydraulic toilets (otherwise known as interplanetary transportation gizmos).


A favored gadget amongst thieves, criminals, and hackers, the Decryptor allows its user to bypass and security protocol to gain access to restricted areas and launch pads. It also plays MP3s, snaps pictures, and does your homework while you sleep.


Originally developed by the Center for Advanced Lombax Research, this single-seat transportation device has been modified with a terrathruster to rocket its user to their final destination!

Box Basher 2000

Allows you to smash crates with greater efficiency using patent-pending air blast technology!

Treasure Mapper

Gold Bolts will have nowhere to hide with this handy device! Their exact locations will be revealed on your map, taking the guesswork out of treasure hunting once and for all!

Armor Magnetizer

This modification polarizes your armor to attract more bots from great distances.

Tachyon Statues

These gruesome little figurines bear an uncanncy resmeblance to Emperor Tachyon. Collect all six!



The Swingshot is one of the most popular and essential gadgets in any adventurer's inventory. Manufactured exclusively by Gadgetron, the Swingshot is compatible with a broad range of Versa-Targets across nineteen galaxies. Just leap toward any target, press Circle and your trusty Swingshot will automatically equip and latch on, propelling you gracefully out of the path of danger.


GrummelNet's patented Heli-Pods are a safe and convenient method for lifting massive weights or hazardous objects. Just shoot out a Heli-Pod at any object affixed with a self-adhesive Heli-Target, and let the surprisingly strong whirring propeller work its magic!


The Gelanator is a GrummelNet utility gadget sold exclusively to the Gelatonium Mining Workers Union and their licensed signatories. This gadget allows the operator to drain or fill any standard G4-MW isobaric gelatonium pump in the Polaris Galaxy.

Holo-Pirate disguise

This pint-sized holo-morphic pirate disguise was created by Percival Tachyon himself. Tachyon intended to use the disguise to spy on Slag's pirate crew in case they were plotting against him. But Tachyon's plan was thwarted when his lack of rhythm prevented him from getting past pirate security doors. Tachyon later offered the disguise as a prize in his Imperial Fight Festival, hoping to lure Captain Slag to his death in the Imperial Arena.


The Heli-Pack allows you to perform a High Jump by jumping from a crouched position. To perform a Long Jump, run and crouch then immediately jump. To Glide, simply press and hold X while in the air.


The Thruster Pack upgrade has High Jump, Long Jump, and Glide features just like the Heli-Pack.


These powerful robotic wings, when charged, will allow their owner to fly. The wings are constructed from a very unusual zeptotech upgrade technology that is far more advanced than the nanotech upgrades used throughout most galaxies. Despite their strangely technological origins, these wings were designed to be compatible with the gelatonium-fueled Launch Pads that are found throughout the Polaris Galaxy.


The Hydro-Pack upgrade is a black market offering. This upgrade significantly increases swim speed and will even let you swim against currents. Fortunately, Clank comes equipped with this upgrade thanks to your previous adventures.


Ah, your old trusty Grindboots. Use this device to slide along specially designed rails, dodging obstacles in a frantic fight for your own life. It's an extreme sport, but you love it!

Gravity Boots

The Gravity Boots magnetically lock to special metallic surfaces, allowing Ratchet to run up walls and across the ceiling.

Charge Boots

The Charge Boots contain rocket boosters that can be fired by double tapping R2.


Death Springs

These mortal coils pack a nasty isokinetic punch! Releasing one cluster will send them gravitating towards enemies, where they will explode on contact!


Mesmerize your enemies with this dance-inducing disco ball! TBV Golden groovitron

Leech Bomb

Weary from battle? Low on nanotech? Throw one of these, and absorb the health of your enemies!

Mega Leech Bomb

Packing twice the power of a regular leech bomb, the Mega-Leech is the absolute latest in health transferal technology!


Transform your enemies into loveable penguins with the latest in molecular reconfiguration!


This radio controlled assault weapon allows you to take out your enemies across moderate distances. A favorite of lazy adventurers across the galaxy.

Mr. Zurkon

This humble yet eloquent synthenoid has been manufactured with only one directive: protect its master!

Confuzzler Gas

Derived from the seeds of the Cobalian Werm Plant, this psychotropic hallucinogen temporarily causes your opponents to fight each other instead of you!


Wall Jump

Look for 'jump slots' with the surfaces shown in the picture. Jump towards one wall using X and then hit X again just as you hit the wall. Jump back and forth between the walls to get to the top of the slot.


When you're in water, press Square to dive and X to rise. Push X harder to rise more quickly.

Ledge Traversal

When hanging on a ledge, you can traverse it by moving Left analog stick left or right.

Hyper Strike

The Hyper Strike does more damage than your regular wrench attack. To execute a Hyper Strike, press X, followed by Square.

Comet Strike

The Comet Strike is an effective way to reach distant enemies and bolts. Simply crouch by pressing R2, then press Square to throw your wrench.

Long Jump

To Long Jump, get a running start, then press and hold R2 and X together. For maximum jumping distance, jump from the very edge of the gap.

High Jump

To perform a High Jump, hold R2, then press X.


To Glide, jump then press and hold X.

Aim Mode

For more aiming accuracy, hold L1 to enter Aim Mode. While in Aim Mode, use Right analog stick to aim, L1 to fire, and Left analog stick to move.


Strafing greatly increases your tactical efficiency. To strafe, hold down L2 while running.



Blackstar armor

Designed by Captain Blackstar himself, this amazing armor uses biostatic nanomytes to absorb up to 25% of all damage. The finest in affordable anti-mutiny defense wear!

Helios armor

Engineered by the Kerchu Phalanxes of Planet Jasindu, this powerful armor boasts three layers of cryofoam and duraplate omniguards for added protection. Absorbs up to 40% of all damage!

Terraflux armor

Trillium armor

Weapon mods

(TBV the weapon-specific mods. Tornado Launcher, Pyro Blaster, Nano-Swarmers, Mag-Net Launcher, RYNO?)

More Raritanium

This upgrade increases your Raritanium earned when using this weapon

More Damage

This upgrade increases your weapon's damage

More Bolts

This upgrade increases your bolts earned when using this weapon

More Ammo

This upgrade increases your weapon's ammo capacity

More Ricochets

This upgrade increases the number of times each shot will bounce

More Missiles

This upgrade increases your max missile locks by one

Longer Range

This upgrade increases your weapon's range

Bigger Area

This upgrade increases this weapon's area of effect

Faster Shooting

This upgrade increases your weapon's rate of fire

Faster Priming

This upgrade decreases the time it takes to prime this weapon before firing

Wider Shot

This upgrade increases your weapon's area of effect

Pyrocidic Precipitation

With this upgrade, each molten hot shot from your weapon will rain down steaming pyrocidic goo onto the ground. Your foes will have nowhere to run as the ground itself becomes your ally in battle.

Concussion Detonators

Each missile becomes equipped with a polonium ion concussion detonator. These detonators are extremely effective at knocking your enemies down, thus giving you a strategic tactical advantage.

Fission Accelerator

The Fission Accelerator increases the speed at which the claws gain power during a combo attack. Continue hitting enemies without taking damage, and your claws will rapidly gain power and deal increased damage.

Voltage Multiplier

The Voltage Multiplier increases the range of this weapon's electrical shockwave. This greatly improves the weapon's usefulness in dense, close-quarter combat.

Cesium Blade Edges

This upgrade adds a highly combustible cesium coating to the edges of each blade. The blades will explode shortly after affixing themselves to any wall or foe.

Dual Target Detectors

This powerful laser-guidance upgrade allows two rockets to lock on to each target.

Anti-Matter Transfluxor

The Anti-Matter Transfluxor dynamically reconfigures the molecular structure of any target hit by the weapon, allowing the beam to pass directly through the target and hit additional foes.

Proximity Sensors

These sonar-equipped proximity sensors allow the plasma beasts to detect and attack enemy targets from farther away.

Pyrocidic Nano-Clusters

This upgrade adds tiny Pyrocidic Nano-Clusters into the shards of the weapon. After imbedding themselves in a target, the Nano-Clusters will trigger an explosive reaction that further damages your foe.

Napalm Cells

Each rocket is affixed with highly compressed Napalm Cells. Upon detonation, the cells are released and spread sweet-smelling napalm across the area. Your foes will have nowhere to run!

Mission descriptions

(Accessed from opening missions in the main menu.)


Go to the Defense Center

Qwark needs your help at the Planetary Defense Center! Fight past the invading army and help Qwark defend the city.

Escape on the Mag Rail

It appears that the invading army is after Ratchet! Escape on the mag rail and look for a way to lure the army off the planet.


Explore Cobalia

You have crash landed on a remote planet called Cobalia. Emperor Tachyon may not be far behind, so look for a way to get off the planet.

Defeat the Levaithan

Having stumbled into the Leviathan's Lair, you'll need to defeat the voracious beast or end up as a Leviathan hors d'ouevre!

Explore the Spaceport

There must be some good, upstanding citizen who's willing to give you a ride. Explore the Spaceport and find transportation off this rock.

Restore the Gelatonium Pumps

The empire has shut down the gelatonium plant. No ships can refuel until the pumps are back online. Use the Gelanator to get the fuel pumps working before Tachyon's army finds you.

Search Cobalia

You may want to look around and see what else this planet has to offer.

Hunt for Leviathan Souls

There may be more Basilisk Leviathans in the caves around Cobalia. Hunt them down for some additional souls to trade.

Hitch a Ride with the Smuggler

Now that the gelatonium pumps have been restored, the Smuggler may be willing to make good on that ride offer.


Escape Tachyon's Forces

Tachyon's army is on your trail! Fight through the occupied zone to escape.

Swing through the Docks

Tachyon's forces are still hunting for you. Use your Swingshot skills to get through the shipyard.

Fly to the Hall of Knowledge

A trio of small, mysterious creatures have told Clank to fly to the Hall of Knowledge building. They modified Clank's body with a set of Robo-Wings so that he can get there.

Explore the Hall of Knowledge

The creatures that Clank saw want him to find something inside of the Hall of Knowledge. Explore the building and evade Tachyon's defenses to discover why the creatures sent you here.

Explore Stratus City

Stratus City is rumored to have many treasures hidden among its floating docks and buildings. Try using your Robo-Wings to explore the city, and you may find some of these lost treasures.


Explore the Lombax City

You have landed in the ruins of what was once a Lombax city. There may be clues about what happened here on the planet's surface.

Search the Mine

The mysterious creatures have appeared again. This time they want Clank to search an abandoned raritanium mine. Explore the caverns to discover more about these strange creatures and what they want from Clank

Find the Lombax Ship Parts

You have found a damaged Lombax spaceship. Search the ruined city and find the necessary parts to repair the ship.

Repair the Lombax Ship

You have all the parts you need to repair the Lombax spaceship. Return to the ship and repair it before Tachyon's armies track you down..

Return to Fastoon

Clank believes Tachyon has gone to planet Fastoon. This is the last chance to stop him before he opens more portals with the Dimensionator.

Destroy the Magma-Cannons

Tachyon has installed heavy artillery Magna-Cannons on Fastoon as part of the Cragmite colonization. Destroy them so Talwyn can land and join the battle.

Cover Talwyn

Protect Talwyn while she hacks the controls to the bridge.

Enter the Court of Azimuth

Destroy the Cragmites blocking your path and enter the Court of Azimuth.

Find Tachyon

Tachyon has barricaded himself inside the Court of Azimuth. Defeat his Cragmite hordes and protect Talwyn as she disables Tachyon's force fields.

Voron Asteroid Belt

Battle the Space Pirates

Planet Mukow lies on the other side of space pirate territory. You'll have to battle your way through their fighters if you want to escape with your booty intact.


Explore the Festival

Search the fairground to discover what pirzes lay hidden in Tachyon's carnival of pain.

Trail of Turning Terror

You found the Tachyon statues and have unlocked his Trail of Turning Terror. Survive the rides and you may win a prize.

Find Qwark

There's a good chance that Qwark is at the Coliseum. His ego craves an audience and the main event will be sure to have one.

Win the Coliseum Battles

The only way to find out what Qwark is up to is to win the Coliseum battles and receive the prize from the emcee himself.

Return to the Aphelion

Qwark has given you an encoded message. You should be able to play the message on the holo-screen of your ship, the Aphelion.

Fight for Cash Prizes

The Imperial Fight Festival offers bolts and other prizes for winning battles. It's a good opportunity to earn bolts and raise your nanotech and weapon levels.

Nundac Asteroid Ring

Get to the Space Station

Qwark's message suggests the Lombax Secret might be on this remote space station. The station is very heavily defended, and you will need special access codes just to reach it.

Make a Trade with the Smuggler

The Smuggler has offered access to the space station for a price. Give him enough Leviathan souls, and he'll give you the access codes to the station's maintenance shuttle.

Navigate the Gravity Cube

The space station is powered by a giant gravity cube. Traverse the maintenance grid surrounding the gravity cube and look for a way inside the station.

Search the Station

The Lombax Secret may be somewhere on this space station. But the station's owners are using every trick in their arsenal to stop you from reaching it.

Sell Your Souls

The Smuggler is offering cash for Leviathan Souls. The Nundac Asteroid ring is inhabited by many large and lucrative Leviathans. This is a good opportunity to earn bolts and raritanium, as well as valuable experience.


Infiltrate the Pirate Hideout

Fight your way into the Captain Slag's hideout. The stolen Lombax artifact may be hidden with the rest of the pirates' pilfered loot.

Find the Treasure Room

You are deep inside pirate territory, and Captain Slag's crew are hot on your tail. Look for Slag's treasure room and retrieve the Lombax artifact.

Catch up to Talwyn

Talwyn's explosive diversion may have saved your life, but now she has disappeared with the artifact. You have to find her or you will lose the only clue leading to the Lombax Secret.

Rakar Star Cluster

Evade the Pirate Fleet

The Space Pirates caught up to you as you fled Planet Ardolis. Defeat Captain Slag's deadly crew so that you can make it to Rykan Vin the Verdigris Sector.

Rykan V

Breach the Security Barrier

Tachyon's armies have occupied the Rykan V spaceport. They must know there was once a Lombax presence on this planet. Fight alongside Cronk and Zephyr as you break through the front line of imperial defenses.

Defeat the Imperial Forces

The imperial army is bringing in its deadliest forces to stop you from entering the spaceport. Tachyon will do anything to keep you away from whatever Lombax secrets lie on this planet.

Destroy the Artillery Turrets

Tachyon's troops have seized the spaceport defenses. Destroy the turrets in order to enter the spaceport. With the anti-spacecraft defenses offline, Talwyn and the Aphelion should be able to reach the surface.

Buy a Gyro-Cycle

The Smuggler is offering to sell a slightly used Gyro-cycle. This may be just what you need to explore the lava tubes and reach the coordinates indicated by the Lombax artifact.

Explore the Spaceport

The coordinates from the artifact point to a location underground! You'll need to find transportation to travel under the magma surface.

Travel the Lava Tube Network

Travel under the planet's surface and explore the lava tubes to reach the coordinates specified by the Lombax artifact.


Explore Sargasso

The Lombax testing facility you learned about on Rykan V is supposed to be somewhere on this planet. Search the surface of Sargasso to find the testing facility.

Trade Souls for the Decryptor

The robo-ignition pads that activate Clank's Robo-Wings have been deactivated. The Smuggler has followed you here and is offering a Decryptor Gadget that can activate the ignition pads.

Search from the Sky

Activate the robo-ignition pads with the Decryptor, then search for the Lombax testing facility from the air.

Investigate the Kerchu Outpost

The Kerchu have set up a gelatonium refinery on the planet. The path to the Lombax testing facility appears to lead right through the Kerchu refineries.

Return to the Fight Festival

Captain Qwark says he has a glue to give to you. He may have uncovered part of Tachyon's plans that will lead to the location of the Dimensionator. Return to the Imperial Fight Festival and find Qwark.

Soul Searching

The Smuggler is offering more bolts for souls. The road ahead is likely to be dangerous, and this is a good opportunity to gain valuable experience and bolts.

Kreeli Comet

Infiltrate the Pirate Camp

The Battle for the IRIS

Repair the IRIS


Grind the Rails to the Prison


Escape from Zordoom

Verdigris Black Hole

Escape from Slag's Clutches


Follow the Road to Kerchu City

Search the Gel Facility

Fight Your Way into the City

Survive the Kerchu Onslaught

Defeat the Kerchu Guardian

Ublik Passage

Infiltrate Slag's Fleet

Defeat Captain Slag


Search the Cragmite Homeworld

Secure the Area

Deactivate the Forcefields

Infiltrate the Cragmite Base

Search for Ratchet

Escape the Cragmite Caves


Save Meridian City

Rescue Qwark

Rescue Qwark - Part 2

Return to the Aphelion