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I am Technobliterator, and I'm one of the bureaucrats around here. I'm the main writer for lore and BTS content, but I also write some gameplay content on the side. I'm also responsible for technical/template needs, and am proficient in wikitext, CSS, Lua, Python, and JS.

My Ratchet & Clank background

While Crash Bandicoot: Warped was my first ever videogame, playing Going Commando for the first time is what really made gaming one of my biggest hobbies. I instantly adored the mix of platforming, shooting, puzzle solving, and the really awesome setting and sense of humor. The series made gaming my biggest hobby. Beyond this, the Ratchet & Clank series is my second favorite videogame series of all time (below only Final Fantasy) and defined most of my childhood, and developed my love of science fiction. Of all the games I played on the PS2 while growing up, the Ratchet & Clank games are still the ones that I have the fondest memories of, and the only ones I replay to this day.

Quick opinions on most of the games:

  • Going Commando is the first one I played, and my favorite game in the series. It still has my favorite setting, with Maktar Resort and Megapolis remaining my favorite levels in the series aesthetically, my favorite level design, and introduced some of the best weapons, and one of the most underused characters (Angela Cross). The Insomniac Museum was also my favorite childhood discovery, and is the entire reason I went onto pursue a career in the technology sector. The main drawback of the game is its writing, which is a step below the original game, and fell short of its potential.
  • Up Your Arsenal was the second one I played, and the first I actually owned. This game has my favorite cast (Courtney Gears, Dr. Nefarious, Captain Qwark the entire Q-Force dynamic) and side missions, and a great selection of weapons. I remember really wishing I could play the multiplayer online, though.
  • I played the original Ratchet & Clank after the two above, and have really mixed feelings on it. On the one hand, it's surprisingly well-written considering Insomniac didn't have a dedicated writer, and I at least understand the idea behind the development of Ratchet, but... he was still poorly written. Ratchet doesn't have personal growth until he's already got what he wanted, which was revenge against Qwark. Before that, he's just insufferable in being way too harsh to Clank. I still respect this game, especially how great it was aesthetically, the excellent soundtrack, and really good level design, but I can't stand how dated it feels, especially in certain levels that are just annoying.
  • I still think Deadlocked is super underrated! It has flaws, mainly in terms of short length and repetition, but also has a ridiculously good weapon system, my favorite soundtrack in the entire series, and easily the best writing of the PS2 games, with tons of great lore and satire. If Insomniac wanted to go this route instead of the Future route, it could've.
  • That said, I still really love the Future lore from Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time. The Zoni in particular were my favorite addition to the lore, and I really liked a lot of the mystery that it set up.
  • A Crack in Time is my second favorite game in the series. Beyond easily having the best writing in the series when it released, it also introduced some of the best concepts: space exploration, hoverboots, Constructo weapons(!!!), and finally good Clank gameplay.
  • I have mixed feelings on Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) similar to the first. It has the best control scheme, ridiculously good graphics, and is just solid and fun to play. The main problem is that its story is not nearly as good as the original, and the original wasn't that great to begin with. Instead of having Ratchet's bad character development from the original, it jettisons it completely, and then decides to just completely screw with the lore of the game. Plus, the toxic discourse around the game from the fandom just makes it very hard to like this one as much as I should, for all its genuine merits.
    • The movie wasn't as bad as I feared it could be (given the awful track record of video game movies), but still was a waste of potential, lacking the emotional nuance or depth that could've made it work.
  • Tools of Destruction is just a generally solid Ratchet & Clank game as far as gameplay goes, and has a fairly decent story. Into the Nexus, Quest for Booty, and Size Matters are fine, all with really great concepts (the Jetpack, the wrench tethers, and the armor system), but unremarkable.
  • My favorite characters are probably Dr. Nefarious, Captain Qwark, Courtney Gears, Alister Azimuth, and Angela Cross. I really like both Ratchet and Clank as characters too, but them not being in the top five says more about the characters that are than the ones who aren't.
    • I think the series is very good for making really funny and endearing characters, but hasn't always done a great job of adding emotional depth or nuance. Ratchet has a really good character arc, and the characters whose arcs bounce off of or parallel his—Qwark, Azimuth, etc.—are also good too, but beyond that, the series generally hasn't done a great job with character development.
    • The series has done a pretty poor job of writing female characters. Most of the female characters it introduced were just made love interests for Ratchet. Giving Ratchet two different love interests, before finally settling on Talwyn Apogee, just made it harder to become invested in Talwyn—and while she wasn't bad, she wasn't as instantly endearing, interesting, or entertaining as Angela. Of those who weren't, Courtney Gears was the best, and I'm still convinced she only turned out good on accident—Courtney Gears is entertaining and a pretty interesting villain because you're never quite sure her motives, but she was only ever really introduced as a meme character.
  • Easily my favorite weapons are the Miniturret Glove, Agents of Doom, RYNO V, Rift Inducer, and the Bouncer. I really like when the series' weapons are great to use strategically and satisfying to use. While I like humorous weapons, I feel like some fall into the category of just being meme weapons that are unfunny.
  • David Bergeaud's soundtracks are one of the best things about the series! It's a shame we've never gotten a soundtrack nearly as good as Deadlocked.

Ratchet & Clank wiki history

Incidentally, another of my biggiest hobbies—which is wiki editing—also came about from Ratchet & Clank. Though I didn't start seriously editing this wiki until October 2nd, 2016, this was the first wiki that I joined and contributed to, years before that. I used to lurk this wiki, while being a long-time contributor and admin on Jak and Daxter Wiki. When DrNefarious gave me admin and then bcrat rights, I began cleaning up the place here and working on a lot of rewrites in an attempt to give the wiki a whole makeover, removing stuff that wasn't needed and streamlining into much better pages that were. Suffice to say, alongside Tim H, Thatawesomecat, and others, I practically took over the wiki from 2016 onwards.

  • I've been responsible for the majority of the rewritten lore content since about 2017 or so, especially Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, and Deadlocked. Some of my proudest pages are Courtney Gears, Ratchet, Clank, Maktar Resort, Solana Galaxy, Ace Hardlight, and Gleeman Vox.
  • I wrote the bulk of the gameplay content for Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, and Size Matters. Gameplay content not written by me was written by Tim H. Things like script pages were done by Thatawesomecat, and on certain games, parts of the content were done by other users.
  • I've always been really interested in writing the BTS content for the games. Beyond the game pages, we don't cover much BTS content here compared to some places, though most "Behind the scenes" sections in articles are my work. I've always been fascinated by how the developers made these games, and have really benefited from the developer commentaries on uselesspodcasts as well as the museum pages, though Thatawesomecat has been extremely helpful in finding more info. Some of the pages I'm most proud of are Going Commando, Grelbin#Behind the scenes, and Insomniac Museum (Up Your Arsenal).
  • I've been responsible for most of the templates and infoboxes on the wiki. Most of the policies came from the Jak and Daxter Wiki first.

I have had the goal of this website being the best resource for the Ratchet & Clank series on the internet. I'm really proud of the work I've done on a lot of these articles, and hope to continue serving the community well!

Former Wiki Manager
If you're reading this, I was one of the Wiki Manager of this wiki, but due to personal issues, was no longer able to work. I was thrilled to be your Wiki Manager for this time (and may be again in future if I can work again!), so if you need anything, please let me know!

Hey all! Final Fantasy and Ratchet & Clank are my home wikis, but you can find me around as an admin on many. I'm a member of the unofficial New Wiki OrderNew Wiki Order team, where I help wikis with the team in a larger capacity. I'm also a VanguardVanguard, so I'll be able to help a lot with making your wiki portable. Aside from that, I'm an occasional contributor/lurker all around. I was also a Fandom Wiki Representative early on, until IRL-related issues got in the way.

Among other things, I can help in particular with pywikibot, Lua, CSS, JavaScript, and portability, as well as all your MediaWiki needs. For pywikibot, the bot account I use on most wikis is Botobliterator.

Feel free to give a shout on my talk page or find me on Discord at Technobliterator#1311 if you need anything!

My Wikis

The following are just a few of the wikis I have a big presence on.

Final Fantasy Wiki (sysop) Joined the site in 2013, and performed several overhauls of the site, including changing layouts, renaming almost all of the pages, redoing the infoboxes and navboxes from scratch, and writing many of the articles
Ratchet & Clank Wiki (bcrat) Was my first wiki in 2009, but I didn't become really involved until taking over as bcrat years later; now responsible for rewriting a lot of the pages, as well as for creating the infoboxes
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Wiki (founder) Founded the wiki in 2018 due to my love of Insomniac Games and of Spider-Man, and helped shape how the wiki looks
Jak and Daxter Wiki (bcrat) Basically learned most things on this wiki, and these days am still involved with how the site looks
Kingdom Hearts Wiki (bcrat) I do a few things here and there, but don't have as large of a role as on other places

Wiki history

On most wikis I have a large presence on, I have been responsible for:

  • Writing/rewriting pages for topics that interest me
  • Major design aspects of the wiki (the theme/skin, the main page, infobox/navbox/template design, etc.)
  • Creating and maintaining the biggest templates, either using Lua or wikitext (or Portable Infoboxes)
  • Large pywikibot jobs to reorganize the wiki, whether it be page names, links, categories, files, or other large overhauls
  • Performing maintenance of the SpecialPages

I joined Fandom (known then as Wikia) in 2009. As a huge geeky teenager with a Ratchet & Clank obsession, I was looking to build the best information resource on the web, until I found that one already existed: the Ratchet & Clank Wiki. I was very bad when I started there (it wasn't until around sevem years later that I became a bureaucrat and rewrote most of the wiki), until I joined the Jak and Daxter Wiki, where I learned most of the ropes. Later, my love of the Final Fantasy series took me to the Final Fantasy Wiki, which became my biggest job (and challenge) yet. I became an administrator at least a year or two later.

After this, I joined the Community Council, and then the Vanguard team. Later, the Jak and Daxter Wiki team formed an unofficial group, which we facetiously named New Wiki Order; as we'd polished and improved almost every aspect possible on the Jak and Daxter Wiki (which had otherwise stagnated due to no new games), we decided to take what we'd learned polishing an old wiki and take it to wikis that hadn't had the chance to apply the same attention to detail as they were a bit preoccupied on covering every new release. This meant taking over templates, Lua modules, CSS, and policies that we'd worked on. One of these wikis was one I founded, the Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4 game) Wiki. I was hugely excited that my favorite videogame developer since childhood were making a game based on my favorite superhero since childhood, so I had to get on that!


My first ever videogame was Crash Bandicoot: Warped, on the first PlayStation, which I honestly loved a little too much. Later, my parents bought me a PlayStation 2, my first ever videogame console. I played a few games, but it was Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando where I completely fell in love with the hobby. The game is a real blend of genres, so I got to experience bits of everything. Became obsessed with the series, along with Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Later, my cousin showed me two games from his childhood that I once again completely fell in love with: Final Fantasy VII and the first Metal Gear Solid. Needless to say, I went on to play every mainline entry of both series, and still replay the games all the time to this day. Final Fantasy became my favorite series, with Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XII being my two favorites, while Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater easily became my favorite game of all time.

Other fandoms

My favorite genre of music is hip hop, with a focus on West Coast hip hop from the pre-2000s (2Pac, Dr. Dre, etc.). While I do like other styles of music, hip hop is what I always end up coming back to. Not only do I love it sonically, but there's something powerful, authentic, and defiant about it, and the ability of its artists to tell stories is unique. Outside hip hop, in particular I love Daft Punk and Bob Marley. I'm also a big fan of musical theater, and love performing on stage.

As far as films go, I grew up with the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, along with Star Wars. While I don't get the chance to watch a whole lot of films, I do enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mostly due to Guardians of the Galaxy. My favorite films are The Matrix, Terminator 2, Empire Strikes Back, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Pulp Fiction.

For TV, I have watched a small amount of shows. My favorite show by far is Futurama, not even close. I also really love Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Star Wars The Clone Wars and other animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and a few DC animated shows here and there. Harley Quinn was hilarious! So really, anything lighthearted with good humor, but also with a compelling message and theme beneath the surface, is good for me.