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Use your Swingshot is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet found and traversed a path only accessible by Swingshot, which was received after the mission "Buy Swingshot from trainer." Upon reaching the end of the area, he discovered a new gadget known as the Trespasser, which could be used to open Invinco-Lock security doors.


From the landing platform, head for the large construction site in the distance and take an immediate left after taking a short elevator. From now on, you must use the Swingshot to reach the tall lone platforms, with certain death lying below. The Swingshot is relatively slow to use and requires a specific view, angle, and distance to work properly. Beware of explosive crates positioned directly below each versa-target, as each platform has scarce space to dodge an explosion.

Past several static versa-targets and a conveyor belt is the second part of the mission, this time involving dual versa-targets that require you to swing from one to another. The grappling time is quite fast this time. Just simply release Circle and press it again to fire your grapple after each swing. Four more swings from one end to another will get you to the end of the area. After taking the Trespasser, approach the nearby Invinco-Lock and follow the Gadgetron HelpDesk instructions on how to use it. After unlocking the door, ride the elevator down to return to the entrance.

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