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Trophy: Thorough
Collect forty titanium bolts Gold

This page is a list of all titanium bolt locations in Up Your Arsenal. There are a total of forty titanium bolts hidden in each of the locations. The majority of these are accessible on the first visit, though this is under the presumption the player is already in possession of the required weapon, gadget, or item. Several bolts can only be acquired after revisiting the location later, as the required item is only available later in the game.

Collecting all titanium bolts will grant you the "Titanium Collector trophy" in the Starship Phoenix trophy room. Collecting all bolts in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Up Your Arsenal will unlock the gold trophy Thorough.

Location Titanium bolts
Nabla Forest, Florana 2
Starship Phoenix 7
Capital City, Marcadia 3
Annihilation Nation, Station Q9 2
Deep Sea Hideout, Aquatos 5
Korgon Base, Tyhrranosis 2
Research facility, Daxx 2
Obani Gemini, Obani Moons 1
Obani Pollux, Obani Moons 1
Lot 42, Holostar Studios 3
Zeldrin Starport, Joraal Nebula 2
Metropolis, Kerwan 3
Crash site, Zeldrin 1
Outpost X12, Aridia 2
Qwark's hideout, Thran Asteroid Belt 1
Nefarious BFG, Koros 2
Command center, Mylon 1


Map of the Nabla Forest.

The first titanium bolt is located below the second Gadgetron vendor, on a lower floor in a hidden room. Simply drop off the edge, turn around, and glide towards it.

In the Path of Death, directly prior to the first fire trap you encounter, stop and turn to the right, where you can spot a separate hidden room. Do a long jump to reach it and grab the bolt inside.

Starship Phoenix

Completing the final VR deck challenge, "Nerves of Titanium", will net you a titanium bolt. It can be picked up from the center of the arena after completing the final wave.

The mission "Complete VR Gadget Training", assigned by Helga von Streissenburgen, will require you to complete a short training course using the Hypershot and Hacker gadgets. At the end, a titanium bolt awaits you on the teleport platform.

Each Qwark vid-comic has a total of one hundred Qwark tokens. Collecting all of them in a single vid-comic will grant you a single titanium bolt. This thus allows for a maximum of five, one from each vid-comic.


Map of the Capital City.

After the room with the pool of water, cross into the next and hug the right-most wall straight after the entrance. You will find a jump slot hidden in a corner, which allows you to reach a high walkway that leads to the titanium bolt.

After "Save Blackwater City"

Using the Gravity Boots, in the third room after the one with the spider robot, stand at the entry doorway and look left. There will be a thin grav-ramp strip here, which leads to a small platform with a laser beam coming out of the wall. Use the Refractor to redirect it into a receiver on the left, then jump back down and go two rooms back, where another thin grav-ramp is located on the wall next to a locked door. Climb it and at the top redirect the laser beam into a receiver on the east side of the room, after which the door opens, revealing the bolt inside.

The last titanium bolt is located on the ceiling, directly prior to where you found Al. A large grav-ramp that covers the entire wall allows you to easily get it.

Annihilation Nation

Both bolts in Annihilation Nation require you to play a gauntlet challenge to reach them. The first one is easily available in "Heat Street", or any other gauntlet in which you traverse the left path first. After being told to go left and passing through the platforming challenge, there is a short section involving enemies being teleported in. Instead of continuing past this, turn around, and jump on-top of the rock plateau to the left to find the bolt.

The second bolt is available in "Maze of Blaze", during which you have to traverse a bridge at some point between two of the bottom rooms. The bridge will be flanked by two floating platforms, that are normally not present there. Defeat the laser bots and the climb the left platform, from which you can use a long jump to reach the bolt on another lone platform.


Map of the Deep Sea Hideout.

Map of the sewers.

The first bolt will be located under the second bridge that Skidd has to activate using his Hacker, simply drop down below and it will be in front of you.

The second bolt is located in the second underwater swimming section, located in an alcove near the back of the entrance to the water.

After "Complete VR Gadget Training"

To find the third bolt, you need the Hacker. Return to Aquatos with the gadget, and after crossing the first bridge, use it to open the first locked gate to the left. This requires passing a tougher Hacker puzzle than usual. Once opened, a simple platform will take you through a tunnel to a lone room with the bolt in the center.

After "Save Blackwater City"

The fourth bolt requires the use of the Gravity Boots, as it is hidden in one of the hidden sections of the Aquatos sewers. The bolt is located in the northern-most tunnel of the area, said tunnel connects the top-left and top-right sections of the sewers. Actually getting there is easier with the Map-o-Matic, but otherwise it is as simple as continually keeping left.

The fifth and final titanium bolt requires both the Gravity Boots and Hypershot and is located in mid-air between two of the highest bridges near the right of the map. Head to either the sixth or eight bridge and access the top-most one, then from there you can just use a series of versa-target swings to get the bolt.


Map of the Korgon Base.

On Tyhrranosis, in the Korgon Base, head for the plasma cannon turret's location in the south-eastern side of the map. Do not head into the large structure past the bridge, but instead pass it by on the right to find the bolt behind a large stack of crates.

The other bolt is located in Korgon Base as well, but on the other end of the area, in an underground cave system used to reach the north-western turret. The Hypershot has to be used on several versa-targets to cross a gap and reach the other end, where a hidden room lies with the bolt inside.


Map of the research facility.

One titanium bolt is available directly after the "Explore the Docks" mission, prior to using the parked taxi. Pause at the vehicle and turn right to see a series of versa-targets and platforms, which must be followed to reach a lone platform down below with the bolt. After picking it up the taxi will come to pick you up in return.

The other bolt is available during the "Infiltrate the Weapons Facility" mission, shortly after using the Hacker for the second time. After passing through the circular room, and clearing the next one from enemies, explore the alcove in which the sharpshooter was standing to find a pressure-activated button. This will open a doorway in the previous room, which can only be reached using the Charge Boots, a gadget found on Daxx, close to the landing pad in an optional area. Pass through the door and deal with the many sharpshooters on a series of small walkways to grab the bolt at the end.

Obani Gemini

On Obani Gemini is a circular, dark blue platform on the ground floor in one of the ravines, with only a single Hypershot trigger. The exact location is visible from outer space (using Select), but the Star Explorer will be pointing in exactly the opposite direction. Upon accessing it, activate it and follow a series of small platforms across the lava, which will be one of several available paths. Past that is a larger pool of lava with a large stone pillar in the center, and a stone path leading around it, across the lava. Follow that as well to reach a small cave with a deactivated force-field, with the bolt and another trigger to deactivate the field again if you get trapped inside.

Obani Pollux

On Obani Pollux, directly after using the first jump pad, do not land on the nearby tower, but instead on the plateau that is between said tower and the second one to find the bolt.

Holostar Studios

Map of Lot 42.

After using the first elevator as Ratchet and clearing a room of tyhrranoids, turn around and face the back of the room you entered, the titanium bolt will be on-top the set of chairs to the left.

After "Save Blackwater City"

After reaching the Star Explorer in Lot 42 it is possible to use the Gravity Boots to climb a nearby grav-ramp to enter an extra area with additional enemies. Several one-eyed and three-eyed tyhrranoids will try and stop you from fully exploring the area, with especially the three-eyed tyhrranoids exploiting the grav-ramps to attack you from unconventional angles. Follow the linear path until you reach two spiraling grav-ramps, one of which is inaccessible unless you drop-in from it while the other one is upside-down, follow it to the end to find the bolt in a hidden alcove in the next room. Alternatively you can ignore it and instead proceed as normal, defeat all the tyhrranoids, and enter the room after the one with the bolt, turn around, and glide to the bolt's alcove from above.

The next and final room has only a lone 'noid commander, which is easily defeated, standing next to a grav-ramp spire. Climb it and you will trigger an endless series of kamikaze tyhrranoids dropping down from the vents at the top. Either dodge or kill them with a cheap weapon like the N60 Storm or Lava Gun until you reach the top where the bolt and a teleporter back to the ship await.

Zeldrin Starport

Map of the Zeldrin Starport.

Early on the path to the Bolt Grabber V2 there is a room with two docked spaceships on a lower, and two on a higher level. Destroy the second ship on the right to reveal a hidden alcove next to it with the bolt inside.

On the same path is a large chamber with two sharpshooters posted each on a large platform. Kill them and the present soldier bots and then use the blocks on the left side to climb on-top of the left platform, followed by long jumping onto that one and grabbing the bolt inside of another alcove.


Map of Metropolis.

In the first tower, jump up to the ledge on your left (the north side) and smash the window. Cross the gap into the next tower, defeat any present tyhrranoids, then use the Hypershot to cross the next gap to a lone balcony with the bolt.

After the building where a pair of robonoid commanders drop down through the ceiling and you reach a balcony that faces outside, turn to the right and climb a series of small ledges to find the bolt in an alcove.

In the Ranger missions select any challenge with the hovership and look for a tall tower with a grav-ramp, of which there are four near the edges of the map. The east-most tower will have a bolt located on the grav-ramp facing south. Simply brush up against it to collect the bolt.


This titanium bolt is available right at the start. You can either jump down from the landing pad and turn around to find a grav-ramp back up, or use the other end of the grav-ramp that is located on the landing pad. The bolt is located near the top and impossible to miss.


Map of Outpost X12.

There is a large bridge that is used to cross an equally large canyon in the northern section of the valley. The bottom of the bridge is padded with grav-ramps, and it is possible to use these to a lone bolt on the underside of the bridge during. This requires either the "Assassination" or "Reclaim the Valley" challenges.

The second bolt can only be picked up during the "X12 Endgame" challenge and requires you to ignore the gatling turrets and instead walk up a grav-ramp on the south end of the base. You will reach a plateau, from where you can cross a series of pillars to reach an area behind the base where the bolt can be found.

Thran Asteroid Belt

The only bolt in Qwark's hideout is located near the optional path to the Gadgetron Personal Delivery Assistant. On the first grav-ramp you will be able to spot the bolt and a lone teleporter on a tiny platform above a small body of water. To get to it, simply reach a high point on the grav-ramp and walk off the edge, then just glide down to the platform and grab the bolt.


Map of the Nefarious BFG.

The first bolt is visible behind a large metal fence, next to a stack of metal crates used to reach a plaza. Climb the crates and jump onto the left tower's balcony (or the metal railing of the glass floor has been destroyed), then use that to go over the fence.

In the aforementioned plaza are a pair of towers, the one on the left-hand side has a ladder that you can climb on the rear wall, which leads to a small room with the bolt.


Map of the Command Center.

The final titanium bolt is visible behind a forcefield, next to the first one-eyed robonoid you meet. Convince the robonoid using the Tyhrra-Guise and take the elevator behind it to the top. Do not continue forwards, but instead drop off the edge on your left, while sticking to the wall, to land on the balcony with the bolt and a button to deactivate the forcefield.