Armor was a type of collectible equipment featured in Up Your Arsenal. Ratchet could purchase sets of armor with bolts from Gadgetron armor vendors on the Starship Phoenix by story progression. He started with the alpha combat suit for free, as he wore it after his previous adventure in the Bogon Galaxy.

The Infernox armor is also temporarily available with a 100% damage reduction from Inferno crates

Armor Damage reduction Price Available after Description
Alpha combat suit 0% A standard issue combat pilot suit that Ratchet picked up in the Bogon galaxy. The Alpha suit is comfortable and durable, but it will not stop a laser blast. Ratchet is going to need something stronger.
Magnaplate armor 33% 10,000 Florana A full-body personal armor system reinforced with an energy-absorbing alloy called Magnaplate. Gadgetron guarantees their new Magnaplate armor system will reduce damage from enemy fire by a full 33%.
Adamantine armor 50% 60,000 Aquatos Adamantine is one of the hardest substances in the galaxy. Gadgetron scientists claim that their brand new and nearly indestructible Adamantine armor suit will absorb at least 50% of the energy of any incoming projectile or energy blast.
Aegis Mark V armor 66% 250,000 Zeldrin Starport (after finishing it the first time) The Aegis Mark V represents a major breakthrough in armor technology. The suit combines Adamantine plates with a web of integrated forcefields and a sophisticated onboard computer system. The suit's built-in AI responds automatically to any attack, redistributing power and angling the armor plates to absorb up to 66% of incoming damage.
Infernox armor 80% 1,000,000 Koros (upon landing on the planet) The prototype Infernox Armor suit represents the ultimate achievement in personal protection systems. The Infernox suit combines Carbonox alloys imported from the Bogon galaxy, a Nanotech control system, and an onboard Quantum Hellfire generator to create a blazing barrier of total protection. Test results indicate that the Infernox system reduces damage by an unbelievable 80%!



  • The Aegis Mark V armor is a reference to the Mjolnir Mark IV armor of the Halo series.
  • The Volcanox Armor is based off the Infernox Amor.
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