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The unnamed vid-comic is a secret Qwark vid-comic in Up Your Arsenal, playable only in the Insomniac Museum. As explained in commentary from Sean Wissler, it was the first Qwark vid-comic level that was designed, but many of its concepts did not work, and it was cut as a result.[1] The level also uses the same soundtrack as the one that plays in the Insomniac Musem. At the end of the level is a boss, which is a robotic eye.


The level takes place in a mining area, then continues into a cave, and finally into a facility. It uses unfinished low-quality graphics. Most of the path is over a liquid that damages Qwark if he lands in it. The area has many platforms that disappear after a while, and later parts of the level take place within a facility. Among the enemies are the henchman robots that would be included in Shadow of the Robot and The Shaming of the Q, as well as a small, orange robot with a rotating electric blade, small blue robots that damage Qwark on contact unless punched, and a yellow robot with plasma blasts and a yellow shield at its front, only vulnerable when hit from its back. Qwark obtains a blaster here with only 10 ammo.

Many of the elements, including blocks with flames rotating around them, pistons, and conveyor belts would later be seen in Shadow of the Robot.

Level design

The beginning.

The level begins with a short path right leading to a set of floating platforms, and after this are a set of falling platforms. Following this are several blocks with a rotating flame that the player must dodge, and after this are more platforms across to the inside of the facility and a cave. Here, several pistons across the cave will crush Qwark unless avoided. After this is a set of conveyor belts across to another path, though there is an accessible ground below it that also leads to another smaller tunnel within the cave. In this tunnel, several turrets will fire periodically in a fixed position and must be avoided.

The miniboss.

The path then continues across conveyor belts with more turrets, until leading to a chamber with a miniboss. This miniboss fires large plasma blasts before jumping across to the other end of the room, briefly exposing its back, where it is vulnerable. The player must hit it when its back is exposed until it is eventually destroyed.

Small orange robot.

After this, the path continues inside a facility, with a path upwards across several platforms guarded by small orange robots. At the top, the path continues right, across a few platforms with piston and flame hazards, as well as several henchmen guards. As it continues, floating platforms guarded by turrets also appear along the way, before it culminates in a long path with several blue robots and henchmen guards behind boxes. After this is a long ladder upwards, guarded by turrets, and at the top is a final path downwards comprising conveyor belts guarded by turrets. At the bottom is the entrance to the chamber where the boss is fought.


The boss.

The boss begins by deploying a few blue robots from its conveyor belt. When the eye is shut, it is invulnerable, but once opened, it can be damaged by punching it. Once opened, a few blasts will fire towards Qwark, and then several turrets will fire from around the room as it takes damage. The turrets must simply be avoided, as upon sustaining enough damage, explosions appear around the room as the boss is destroyed.


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