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Unlock the Forcefield is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in Qwark's hideout, Thran Asteroid Belt. While trying to reach Captain Qwark in his hideout, Ratchet and Clank found the entrance to his room blocked by a forcefield. However, a crack in the walls allowed Clank to explore the underground caverns in which Clank could deactivate the forcefield.

This mission takes Clank on a path that cannot be revisited.


Head forward when the mission starts, controlling just Clank, and two lawn ninjas will be encountered. These enemies are not too different from when fought as Ratchet, and can be defeated in one hit. Jump over the blocks of ice that fall from the ceiling to reach the first room. Head left and stand on the switch to lower a forcefield and allow a gadgebot to cross, then head right and simply command the next gadgebot to follow you. Command the two to attack the spinning blade and then enter the port. Once they enter, they will deactivate a forcefield.

Head forward and dodge the lasers, then destroy the small device generating them for them all to disappear. In the next room, jump across the first set of ice blocks to the center of the room, then jump across the next that fall to obtain the BGAMD and unite with Skrunch. To the right, you can pick up thousands of bolts by jumping past the wall of metal crates and activating the explosive crates to destroy all of them. After this, a sentinel bot blocks the path forward with its searchlight. Fire a banana in its searchlight for Skrunch to distract it, then head forward and glide over the pool of ice, where another sentinel bot blocks the path. Fire another banana to distract it, and then fire aother banana at the switch past the gap behind it, allowing Skrunch to activate it and create a bridge across.

In the next room, defeat the lawn ninjas and destroy the lawn ninja generator spawning more of them to proceed. The objective here is to find three gadgebots located in separate compartments around the room, and enter them in a port by a forcefield on the left. The first is located behind a sentinel bot on the ramp near the back of the room; Have Skrunch distract it, then command the gadgebot to follow you while the bot fires at Skrunch, and enter it into the port. The second is located in a compartment higher up in the room which is reached using an elevator; stand on the elevator, defeat the lawn ninjas, command the gdagebot to follow you, and then send it to the port. The third gadgebot is located behind a small hallway opposite the forcefield, guarded by lasers. Wait until the lasers have risen to the top, then run forward and destroy the device and command the gadgebot to follow you into the last port.

After this, past the forcefield, simply dodge the lasers, destroy the device, and then punch the laser turret to disable it. Head forward and press the switch to complete the mission. After a cutscene with Qwark, return to your ship for the next mission, "Get to the bridge", on the Starship Phoenix.

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