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The Underground Gelatonium Facility was built on the planet Jasindu, in Kerchu City due to the large amounts accessible the Kerchu. It was significantly vast, not surprising thanks to the large area accessible underground.


Because of the remote and dangerous areas chosen by the Kerchu, the Refinery became harder to locate and transport Gelatonium in and out, and so the features were low-tech. Gelatonium ran through many tubes, varying in sizes. There was of course an interactive Gelatonium pump that Ratchet could drain from with his Gelanator. Draining triggered the doors, meaning Ratchet could not use his Gelanator outside the Facility. There were many, vast liquid ponds of Gelatonium, that Ratchet could cross by shooting cubes to jump on. A surprising amount of Tumfoids were found here, and also a couple of Kerchu Pyroguards. There was no running Gelatonium so Ratchet did not face the difficulty of shooting cubes rapidly to reach the other end.


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